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    Newbie here

    Hey Rick - you are in good company. I am about your age and have now been drinking kava for 4-5 years. I find it to be a great substitute for alcohol with minimal side effects. You didn't mention if you are currently on any cancer medications, but you might want to share with your doctor that...
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    Kava Preparation How to compensate for a too large krunk

    (1) Get horizontal (2) Drink water - sips, not gulps but keep doing it. (3) If the kava has not totally roiled your stomach eat some carbs (bread, crackers etc.)
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    Update on International Shipping (things are getting much better)

    Any chance you can export some of NZ's sanity regarding Covid-19 to the US?:)
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    I ordered tudei True Kava from Nakamal At Home

    I found it to be unremarkable in every way except accelerating my near constant low level dermo to high level. I very rarely if ever use tudei but when I do I am looking for a very heavy, stoney, body melting, pain relief. This had none of that and very little effect in any other way. It may...
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    I'm preparing to sell carbonated kava

    I have referenced this before and it may interest you: It is one of the main reasons that I recommend not keeping pre-made kava more than a few days - and sealed up in a mason jar and refrigerated. I have...
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    MCT Oil and the power of fat.

    Just a caution - there is a fine line for me using mct oil between "that is great" and "holy hell I need to find a bathroom quick". Others have experienced the same issue so it isn't just me.
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    MCT Oil and the power of fat.

    Interesting. I have been a big believer in fish oil for the last year or so and it has been great. I was a bit skeptical on coconut/mct oil but I might re-look at it again. My current supplement regime must haves that effect my mood: Fish Oil, Vitamin D3, and Zinc. I notice a significant...
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    Has anyone put honey in their kava ?

    Sure. Early in my kava drinking career I put all kinds of things in my kava including honey. None of it made a difference to make micro more palatable. It was still like drinking sandy ass water. Once I switched to traditional prep I eventually developed a taste for kava and even enjoy the...
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    I'm preparing to sell carbonated kava

    would like to have a word with you....
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    How do you decide 'when to say when' each time ?

    I find this as well - if it doesn't hit hard and fast with the first 1-2 shells then adding more gets me more heavy, sedated, krunk - but no more of that uplifting heady joy. Unfortunately, I still sometimes spend good root trying to get there to no avail....The last really heady waves of joy...
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    GHK Kava Shortage?

    We don't need kava nearly as much as your mom needs you. We can wait. Peace.
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    Carrion scented kava

    and to think people thought the taste of kava could not get any worse.
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    Kava Preparation My shell

    Nice! I just took a quick power nap between meetings on my hammock. There are some very nice benefits to work from home (some downsides as that ambae calling my name from the pantry that would put me to sleep for the rest of the day).
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    First Time Making Kava from Makas

    Sorry but @Krunkie McKrunkface (aka krnewman) belongs to this forum and this forum alone. We will not share him. His genius is to precious to be shared with the dregs of society to found outside this forum.:)
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    kava effects

    This was a post of mine from Dec. 2018. It is a 100% a tudei and labeled as such. Wasn't my cup of tea...errr kava. FYI, I don't find tudei kava worse or stronger than noble in general....just not kava that I tend to like to drink. That said I have only had a couple - but they were always a...