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    Thank you, BKH

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    Current Mahakea and Fiji

    Hmmm, been a while since I had the Mahakea. Sounds like it is time to put it in rotation again. Honestly I never quite got the appeal of ordering the fiji from GHK. I mean why order non-hawaiian from one of the only direct sources of hawaiian kava? I wonder how much he sells.
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    Why not just take pills or tincture vs drinking nasty mud?

    That is nothing compared to convincing her to marry me :sneaky:
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    Why not just take pills or tincture vs drinking nasty mud?

    Well you could call us fuddy duddy traditionalists which might not be too far from the truth but to be honest extracts and pills have never given me the same effect. The more you drink traditional grog the more it grows on you. I don't mind the taste of most kavas. Sure there are some that...
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    New kava user with reverse tolerance

    Without a doubt Squanch is the fastest to fill and ship orders. My orders usually arrive faster than an amazon prime order.
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    Strainer bag care

    Typically, unless i forget, it is just a daily wash with dish soap. Probably once a month I boil it for a few minutes which helps loosen it back up. On occasion the bag was so gunked up and stiff that water had to really be forced through it. Not ideal for straining. Alcohol soak works pretty...
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    Strainer bag care

    Me too. I get pretty lazy as the grog goes down, and cleaning a bag out before zonking out at night is not high on my list of things to remember.
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    Is there any kava comparable to Nambawan by BKH

    Well if you want to drive to Rochester my pantry is typically pretty full...:)
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    Is there any kava comparable to Nambawan by BKH

    Kava Kauai's Five Star is very, very, similar. Not sure if they are in stock, but I have used it as a replacement. Usually slightly more expensive and longer shipping times.
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    Kava has been making me very sick

    Yes - it is imperative that we find out what kava packs too much of a wallop. For science of course.
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    Shakas Kava Test Results

    I have found the best way to do the "at home" acetone test, which is highly variable to say the least, is to have a known noble, a known tudei, and then the sample I am testing. I have always stuck with acetone vs. IPA. If you want to further test the IPA I would suggest having a known tudei...
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    Kava has been making me very sick

    Breaks are always warranted if your body is telling you to do so. If you give us a bit more information maybe we can help: What kind/brand of kava are you using, how much, are you taking anything else with it?
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    I am with you @Kapmcrunk on this one. In general, I don't like the idea of mixing products but I think CBD+Kava is a good combination with no real risk. I have used BKH's extract along with a CBD full spectrum oil with pleasant results. I wouldn't go so far as to say CBD is not psychoactive...
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    I don't get it.

    There was a poll done a few years back - the average kava user had about 8 Tablespoons of kava per session. Few were on the 3-4 range and some went as high as 12, but 8 was just about right over a 3-4 hour period. I don't personally believe in reverse tolerance but some swear it exists. No...
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    The Kava-Sleep Conundrum

    Same here - I have found kavas that put me in this half awake half asleep state for hours. If they do I move them to my "daytime" only checklist. When I find a kava that reliably knocks me out I put it into the late evening list. Any new kava I try out many hours ahead of bedtime just to be sure.