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  1. Kapmcrunk

    He said, go look, so I did.

    This is Morgan from Kalm With Kava on the left, me in the middle, and Ed Johnston on the right.
  2. Kapmcrunk

    New cultivars

    Kalm with Kava sells these under their Private Reserve label.
  3. chasemandingo

    Your favorite micro?

    ...i need to not be lazy and just knead up some batches since it sounds like there is a lot of good medium grind out there? GHK is a fav but seems to be out all the time. Kalm with Kava might warrant another buy. Their micros were sometimes on sometimes off for me. But i used to drink a lot of...
  4. Kalm with Kava

    Vendor News Kalm with Kava's Week of BLACK FRIDAY sales! Up to 25% off of your favorite kavas, accessories, and more from November 21st through the 28th.

    Hey there, KavaForums! It's that time of year again! Stock up on all of Kalm with Kava's signature kava products during our Black Friday Sale from November 21 - 28, 2022: Spend up to $149 and save 15% Spend $150 - $299 and save 20% Spend $300 - $350 and save 25% Spend over $351 and save 25%...
  5. Kapmcrunk

    Vendor News Patent Pending Magic Kava Bucket

    I really do appreciate his endeavors as of late regarding prep machines. Much much respect to those willing to put their neck out for kava drinkers.
  6. E

    KAVAPLEX full spectrum kava oil

    Hey @ThePiper did you ever find out how many mg are in this? I have some that I'm trying, but I'm wondering how a dropper (1 ml) of this compares to, e.g., Kalm with Kava's micronized kava. What would be an equivalent serving?
  7. P

    Your Favorite Strainer In 2022 ?

    Have you found you drank more kava to relax, during these 1st 6 football games this year ? ;)
  8. Tumarumaru

    Your Favorite Strainer In 2022 ?

    We use that as well... boom
  9. Tumarumaru

    Fantastic service

    Well, we've been having issues with ordering from KWK for a month now. The site will not let me past the paypal option to use my credit card. I don't use paypal. We've been a loyal customer for a long time and really don't want to have to go somewhere else. Any suggestions?
  10. Kapmcrunk

    Thanks Squanch - excellent customer service

    There are distinctly two different worlds of kava vendors. Those that specialize in their craft, and those that try to run an online headshop with a little kava peppered in among the other botanical substances and extracts. Kava vendors that specialize in kava will take the time to make it...
  11. G

    Thanks Squanch - excellent customer service

    I was up around 4:30 am researching which kava to buy. I'm new to this and have only had fijis best and kalm with kava, one pound each. I decided to go with Squanch, but in my half sleep state I placed my order on the wrong card! I emailed them and requested the order be cancelled so I could...
  12. Skinskava

    Your Favorite Strainer In 2022 ?

    Kalm with kavas synthetic micron strainer… boom
  13. Krunʞy


    ...will last 1 to several hours, depending on the type and quantity consumed. Stay away from the heady varieties and you'll avoid that feeling. Kalm With Kava Borongoru is a great place to start, The kava is from Vanuatu and on the sedating side, lees mouth numbing with more pronounced body...
  14. Krunʞy

    I Love Kava Friday If it isn't FRIDAY

    You are not late, you are right on time, week in and week out.. ;) Fridays are overrated if you work on Sat, lol. Everyday has the potential to be a Friday! Today feels like Monday. haha
  15. Kapmcrunk

    I Love Kava Friday If it isn't FRIDAY

    That Borogu Temit is likely a head thumper. It's a Noble medicinal cultivar, and it's nice and heavy.
  16. fait

    I Love Kava Friday If it isn't FRIDAY

    ...need to step-up my game. The Friday Kava thread should be much busier. Sorry I'm late! I actually bought some kava recently--I'm trying out the Kalm with Kava Pentecost Temit--It's a pretty light kava, but I'm making it in an Aluball with shaker, so that may be why it's very light. I don't...
  17. I

    Major issues with Yogi Kava Tea

    I guess that’s possible that it’s something else in the tea that’s unlisted, the part that’s throwing me off is the intense drug high style food reactions, the only reference to that I could find anywhere about anything is in relation to kava.
  18. sɥɐʞɐs

    Question about Chemotype and Substitutes

    Kalm's Pouni Ono and most Tongan kava's in general are pretty close to what you're looking for. Nakamal at Home's WOW! was similar to Nangol Noble last time I had them...and BKH's Nambawan might fit your vibe too. Also Real Kava's 5 Star Kava. (very expensive though) Depending on your personal...
  19. Y

    Question about Chemotype and Substitutes

    ...chemotype reliably produce the same effects? e.g. according to the Kava Prices spreadsheet, BKH Nangol's chemotype is 426315. Can I assume that Kalm with Kava's Pouni Ono (426531) will produce an effect that is close to BKH Nangol, i.e. what I'm seeking? 2. Which kava do you recommended for...
  20. H

    Powdered Kava Review Borongoru

    First try with Borongoru by 'Kalm with Kava' (USA) via CAD110 + Federal sales tax of $6 + Canada Post processing fee of $10. So total CAD126 (= AUD143) 01. Aroma: likeable, light 02. 'Lumber': more compared to other two US suppliers I have tried recently. Looked like about 5 tbsp...