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  1. sɥɐʞɐs

    I Love Kava Friday We've made it to another one!

    ...for the last few weeks...even had chunks of snow falling outta the sky in suburban LA last week. I'm about to prep a bottle of MyStERy WaKa and go see Scream 6. ::vplastik:: -- Just ordered some Loa Waka and Bir Kar from Kalm, so next Friday should be even better. :D::shaka::::tanoafull::
  2. K

    List of vendors shipping to Germany

    Just found Gaiastore which seems to be a reseller of kalm with kava.
  3. kavakarma

    Powdered Kava Review Santo Palasa! Special request accomodated.

    Hello! Malok all kava drinkers. This is a review of my order experience from Kalm with Kava regarding a bag of roots from Santo, an island in Vanuatu. Santo is known for having the freshest kava. I heard this from talking with someone on a phone call who lives there! Thankfully, I tried this...
  4. O

    Instant hangover?

    Well, it has very pronounced heady effects and above average heavy but not pronounced sedative effects and causes temporary tinnitus without nausea on higher doses but someone else might disagree radically. Kavas are different for different people...
  5. M

    Tea? Leaves? Kava

    @Kalm with Kava @Karuna Kava
  6. P

    Where do you get your Kava/What do you like.

    I second Valyn on starting with Kalm With Kava. If you look on the right sidebar on the home page of kava forums, you can find a list of recommended vendors that you can choose from. The only other advice that I would give is that I would personally start a person new to kava with a good...
  7. V

    Where do you get your Kava/What do you like.

    ...them ship to you. First you have to decide which kind of kava you like, whether it is heavy, heady, or balanced. I would suggest looking into Kalm with Kava and reading the effects & reviews on these forums of each one and then picking one. It's going to be more expensive than Wakacon but...
  8. The Kap'n

    What kava are you drinking tonight?

    Got a mix of Fiji Vanua - Malo Tonga, Kalm with Kava - Mbuong, and the last few grams of my Root & Pestle - Bir Kar.
  9. Catlady

    Blood results

    It endured a fair amount of punishment in my pre-kava days… there has been a lot of boozy sessions and bad hangovers :cautious:. glad those days are gone:cool:
  10. E

    Kava seems to make my neck spasm worse

    Where can I get "1:1:1 CBD:CBG:THC full extract cannabis tincture in fractionated coconut oil " ? How would you describe your spasticity?
  11. J

    Kava seems to make my neck spasm worse

    ...with hyperemesis. Personally, I find that cultivars with a chemotype that features DHM in the second or third position, I.e., Santo Palasa by Kalm with Kava, or the Papua New Guinea Isa from Kava Depot or Root of Happiness seem to have some benefit for the spasticity I live with. Overall, I...
  12. MaritimeMan

    Instant hangover?

    I've recently purchased (but not yet opened) some Loa Waka from Kalm with Kava. Would you happen to know if this is lighter on the spectrum before I open it?
  13. S

    How to order? Website problems

    Epic Kava doesn't ship to Switzerland. Kalm with Kava does, shipping rate 40-50 dollars That was easier with Chris :cool:
  14. The Kap'n

    He said, go look, so I did.

    This is Morgan from Kalm With Kava on the left, me in the middle, and Ed Johnston on the right.
  15. The Kap'n

    New cultivars

    Kalm with Kava sells these under their Private Reserve label.
  16. chasemandingo

    Your favorite micro?

    ...i need to not be lazy and just knead up some batches since it sounds like there is a lot of good medium grind out there? GHK is a fav but seems to be out all the time. Kalm with Kava might warrant another buy. Their micros were sometimes on sometimes off for me. But i used to drink a lot of...
  17. Kalm with Kava

    Vendor News Kalm with Kava's Week of BLACK FRIDAY sales! Up to 25% off of your favorite kavas, accessories, and more from November 21st through the 28th.

    Hey there, KavaForums! It's that time of year again! Stock up on all of Kalm with Kava's signature kava products during our Black Friday Sale from November 21 - 28, 2022: Spend up to $149 and save 15% Spend $150 - $299 and save 20% Spend $300 - $350 and save 25% Spend over $351 and save 25%...
  18. The Kap'n

    Vendor News Patent Pending Magic Kava Bucket

    I really do appreciate his endeavors as of late regarding prep machines. Much much respect to those willing to put their neck out for kava drinkers.
  19. E

    KAVAPLEX full spectrum kava oil

    Hey @ThePiper did you ever find out how many mg are in this? I have some that I'm trying, but I'm wondering how a dropper (1 ml) of this compares to, e.g., Kalm with Kava's micronized kava. What would be an equivalent serving?
  20. P

    Your Favorite Strainer In 2022 ?

    Have you found you drank more kava to relax, during these 1st 6 football games this year ? ;)