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  1. K

    genuinely disappointed

    ...3/4 part water and 1/4 part coconut milk. I used the blender method. I blended for 4 minutes then carefully strained with the strainer bag that kalm with kava sent with the kava. I drank a half cup every 20-30 minutes until my mixture was gone. It had been 3.5 hours since I last ate when I...
  2. Groggy

    genuinely disappointed

    Experiences will always vary, that is undeniable. You need to provide more information so we can best help you, I doubt the kava is the issue because the rest of us know, you know it too, it is likely a mix of bad advice on prep, Idk. What is your prep amounts? How much water? what temp? how...
  3. K

    genuinely disappointed, while going through a particularly hard time and looking forward to any relaxation,.. This was extremely disappointing. I ordered from Kalm with Kava and as far as I can tell, they are a good source. I saw so many YouTube reviews from this company of people trying kava for the first time...
  4. ThePiper

    Do you guys own Tanoas?

    I own a Tanoa (Kalm with kava) but I don’t use it. It’s more of a decorative piece to admire. It’s shallow so not the best for practical use. The usual bowl for me is a spouted mixing bowl for pouring cups of kava
  5. kavakarma

    Help understanding kava interaction/outcome.

    ...Kava, we have +from my experience+ KavaDepot Ceremonial NakamalAtHome Black Sands Ofa's Tongan Like, everything Cactus Kava offers and most of Kalm with Kava's offerings. Kava Time will tell you whether they think it is heavy or heady and you can even learn the chemotypes on kavalactones and...
  6. P

    I Love Kava Friday Another hot one.

    ...that I have enjoyed are Ozia Kava's offerings. As far as top shelf Kava's go, I think that you can't go wrong with any of the offerings from Kalm With Kava save for the house blend. Root Of Happiness Fijian Limited batch is amazing, but I did not get good results with any of their other...
  7. K

    Kava lot for sale - California

    ...bags: Kavafied Kava Supreme about 5oz Gourmet Hawaiian Kava - Awa Hiwa (instant - dehydrated) about 4oz Bula Kava House Nangol Noble about 8oz Kalm with Kava Micronized Vanuatu Borogu - opened jar, but full 4oz I also have an Aluball shaker with two balls - good shape. Mesh strainer - new...
  8. Groggy

    tried kava for the first time..

    Howdy, welcome to KF. Kava is not and will never be like alcohol and as such you need to learn use it accordingly. It sounds like you went too heavy too soon and probably not the best kava for what you seek. I would look at a medium to heavy kava. Nowadays there are simply too many good kavas...
  9. S

    tried kava for the first time..

    hello kava world. i tried kava for the first time today. i received in the mail the shaker and aluball. i went pouni ono from kalm with kava. i chose this because i wasn't looking for something that would put me down for the count. i prepared two batches, pretty much back to back, each with 2...
  10. Groggy

    Kava expiration date

    As long as it was stored in a dry cool place for that that time frame, it should be fine, may have lost potency. If was stored in any other condition where humidity may have been a factor, toss it, it is no worth the risk. You want to avoid mold.
  11. M

    Kava expiration date

    I have some kava left that I just found. Kalm with Kava brand. It must be 2 years old. Will I get really sick if I consume it?
  12. L

    I Love Kava Friday Another one down!

    Yes; please buy and review that one for us.
  13. sɥɐʞɐs

    I Love Kava Friday Another one down!

    No new kava purchases for me this week, but I know my next one will probably be Kalm's Fijian Rabi. ::happyshell::
  14. The Kap'n

    Kava problems! Help!

    Welcome! Glad to have another kava enthusiast among us! I think this is something that @Alia could certainly help you with. @Kalm with Kava could as well.
  15. L

    Kava available in Australia

    I am cognizant of TKS and what they sell, but the "issue" is that I've read some mixed interpretations of the efficacy of their single cultivar instants. In comparison, there seems to be quite high praise for your instant Gold Blend. KwK is another story; I'm only really willing to try their...
  16. OzKava

    Kava available in Australia

    Sorry, Lenticels, we only ship within Australia. However, there are plenty of high quality kava vendors in the USA, including Kalm with Kava. Alternatively, for a wide choice of single cultivars, I can recommend the Kava Society of New Zealand.
  17. Tumarumaru

    Advice/Recommendations Appreciated

    Kalmwithkava has a house blend that is at a good price. Pretty good blends which I use for frequent panic attacks.
  18. M

    Advice/Recommendations Appreciated and was able to get through psychological and emotionally tough times easier while it was in my system. I used to enjoy buying from GHK and Kalm with Kava. Now everything seems to have risen higher up in price with the inflation. Are there any good vendors out there that have a decent...
  19. Groggy

    New to Kava - Looking for Alcohol Replacement for All-Day 40th Party

    Howdy and welcome aboard! Boy where to start...Maybe try a sample pack from the many vendors we support and recommend here. Kalm with kava and so many more come to mind. there are different types of kavas that illicit a different vibe. Some are social types, lighter and others will go towards...
  20. sɥɐʞɐs

    I Love Kava Friday We've made it to another one!

    ...for the last few weeks...even had chunks of snow falling outta the sky in suburban LA last week. I'm about to prep a bottle of MyStERy WaKa and go see Scream 6. ::vplastik:: -- Just ordered some Loa Waka and Bir Kar from Kalm, so next Friday should be even better. :D::shaka::::tanoafull::