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  1. INeedToChill

    Middle Tennessee Northern Alabama Area

    Oh my!! That much Kava could keep me krunk for... Days!! (Nod to the old Chappelle Show character, Tyrone the Crackhead ) I'm in Shreveport, so I guess the closest meet up would be with y'all! When this quarantine is up, let's get krunked DOWN!! lol, my jokes suck, I won't quit my day job trust me
  2. INeedToChill

    Best Kava for Sleep Currently?

    With current batches in mind (not the ones that you used years ago), what is the best Kava (including vendor) for sleep? My current one is KWK Boronguru, but it doesn't seem to be as effective as it once was. Thank you! (And thank you to a few people who have already given me great suggestions...
  3. INeedToChill

    Am I a Aluball cannibal?

    Ok, I'm totally pulling this out of my ass because I don't even own an Aluball, but do you think meeting the roots steep (soak) in the warm water for a like 5 minutes before shaking would help? Or do you already do that? Lol I make mine the old traditional way, but it always helps to make the...
  4. INeedToChill

    Patientsvitamins Website?

    It's like ALL of their products are ridiculously overpriced. Just did a quick Google search of some of the products they sell and all of those products were sold elsewhere for half the price. A four ounce KWK micronized was like $70! Lawd I hope this website is a money laundering front for the...
  5. INeedToChill

    Patientsvitamins Website?

    I hope this is the right place to put this! :) @Krunʞy @Kapmcrunk This morning I stumbled across a vitamin/herbs sales website named They sell Kava. Ok, cool, whatever, right? The thing is, they sell some of the big names (KWK, Kavafied, etc), but some at really high...
  6. INeedToChill

    Kava & Drug Interaction Can you take Propranolol when drinking Kava?

    I don't have any information on this, but I'd like to know more on this too. I take 40 mgs of Propranolol for anxiety and tremor. Have you tried going on Google and searching "Kava Propranolol interactions"? I'm about to go look now myself. Good luck!!
  7. INeedToChill

    Kava Culture Nakamal "clampdown"

    Thank you for telling me this. I'm probably going to start drinking Kava exclusively for sleep, so I need that kind of info! Thanks again!
  8. INeedToChill

    Kava Physiology Mild kava allergies?

    Oh honey :( It must be awful to find out your body is betraying you by being allergic to Kava. My nose always gets drippy when I drink Kava, but I assumed it was just the warmth of the tea. I hope the allergy medicine helps! ::KavaChug::
  9. INeedToChill

    binge drinking I want to try kava.

    Yay!!! I'm so glad it worked for you!! I tried some from KWK called Loa Waka, and I love it. It would be great for night time socializing, because it starts off feeling happy and a few hours later you're ready for sleep. But anyway, keep us updated with how things are going!! ::yay2::
  10. INeedToChill

    Kava Culture Nakamal "clampdown"

    That's a charming tradition! Kava is such an interesting little plant! ::kavaleaf::::inlove2::
  11. INeedToChill

    Kava Culture Nakamal "clampdown"

    I love learning these little interesting facts about Kava culture and history! Makes me appreciate our lovely little root even more. I have actually never tried Hawaiian cultivars... Could you maybe explain how the effects differ from other area's Kavas? Thank you so much!!
  12. INeedToChill

    binge drinking I want to try kava.

    @jackweed I am fairly new to Kava as well. I really think you'll find what you are looking for in Kava. It's not as strong as alcohol, so don't expect that feeling. But it absolutely will relax you, get rid of make your anxiety, and make you feel more social. It really is important to find the...
  13. INeedToChill

    Kava Culture Nakamal "clampdown"

    I am so sorry to reply to this thread that's been warm and snoozing, but could you explain what the relevance of the spitting is? Why are they spitting? I definitely don't spit my kava out... Am I doing it wrong?? :wtf:
  14. INeedToChill

    Kava Botany Pronunciation of Boronguru

    Wow, what an answer! I appreciate how you worded it. It's not often I get to discuss fricatives :bookworm:::inlove2::
  15. INeedToChill

    Heavy extracts?

    Hmm... I can totally see the bypass as a reason to worry about the absorption thing! It makes sense that she'd prefer something sublingual. Good luck Edward and wife! I really hope y'all can figure this out!! :woot:
  16. INeedToChill

    Heavy extracts?

    I know this isn't what you're asking for, but has your wife ever had Kava chased with heavy whipping cream? You literally can't taste the Kava. You hold breath while chugging Kava, the immediately drink about an ounce of heavy cream. It coats your mouth so you won't taste the Kava once you start...
  17. INeedToChill

    Kava Botany Pronunciation of Boronguru

    Good afternoon, everyone! I'm an English teacher by trade (yeah, I wish I could trade it, lol... State of education is dismal these days) so I guess I'm naturally inclined to wonder things like this... How is Boronguru pronounced? I've always thought of it as "Bore-on-goo-roo", but I feel sorta...
  18. INeedToChill

    Kava Preparation Spilling Powder on the Counter...

    Sooo... Am I the only one who will straight up lick my finger to pick up any Kava powder that tried to escape while prepping? (And I'm not talking the newly cleaned countertops either... I'm talking the one where you're wondering if the powder is chocolate milk or dirt from the cat's paws... But...
  19. INeedToChill

    Issue Resolved KWK: 10/10

    I'm fairly new to the whole Kava world, and I think I've already made one big mistake: I've spoiled myself by ordering from KWK. I should've started by ordering from some Instagram-only Kava dealer, so I could learn a good lesson or two about not getting what you pay for, or the stupidity of...
  20. INeedToChill

    I want heady, but without anxiety

    @Mo'iety @F3TU5 @ThePiper Thanks, everyone! I think y'all have given the courage to order a little bit of heady!! When I'm feeling super good from the heavy (shoot, I meant heady) come back and write each of you a sonnet. Haha ::awesomesmiles:: but really, thank you!