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  1. Kavacoordinate

    Dua Na Bilo

    I bought a pound of it and after 3 sessions I'm sending it back. I've had a lot of kava in my life and this used to be a decent daily drinker. But this batch has made me sick every time I drink it. Anyone tried it recently with these results?
  2. Kavacoordinate

    Spotted Hiwa (Opihikao)

    I just bought some of Tyler's Frozen from Root of happiness. And I'm wondering what everybody's experience with this has been. I'm worried that I just wasted money because I don't do well with heady kavas at all
  3. Kavacoordinate

    Best alternative/Most similar to damu?

    Krunkie I'll peg you on this because I know you loved it as well. It hit all spots. Anyone found a good alternative? I need to try kava vinaka and some of the kavatime cultivars.
  4. Kavacoordinate

    Favorite Waka. Compare and Contrast

    So My all time favorite Fijian was straight Damu when Mike carried it. Close runners up would be Taveuni or Squanch. I'm considering delving into some new cultivars. Does anyone have any experience with Kavatime's Kadavu or any of their other cultivars? I'd love to get opinions and options I...
  5. Kavacoordinate

    BKH concentrate

    Anyone tried it? I remember we had a concentrate expert on here. I'd love to hear about it and any other experiences with good CO2 extracts.
  6. Kavacoordinate

    Favorite heavy kava to relaxe muscles

    What is your favorite heavy kava for relaxing muscle tension?I am normally a balanced to heady fan. Need some serious back relief
  7. Kavacoordinate

    11 year Waka

    Spent the week in Portland and got to check out Judds place. I've been trying to talk myself into the 11 year and they had an extra strong batch made up the night that I went in. I normally prefer the headier kavas but man I definitely have found a place in the Arsenal for that micro. Really...
  8. Kavacoordinate

    Kwk Damu is back

    This is such an amazing kava that if I weren't a generous or I would tell no one and just hope that I could buy it for as long as he's able to keep it in stock. If you haven't read the reviews checkout krunkies review because it hits the nail right on the head. I was lucky enough to try this...
  9. Kavacoordinate

    Kava Christmas.

    Just received my bags from kalm, and Bula. Thanks to Judd and Mike. Going to settle down with a nice Tongan tonight after enjoying some of Mike's wakas over the weekend. Damu yesterday. Loa on Saturday. Tonight will be akau. Everyone loves kula and eua, but I'm excited to give this little...
  10. Kavacoordinate

    Powdered Kava Review 24 Wave – Nobel Kava Powder by Ozia Originals

    I think I stated most of it in my preparation. I love this kava. I haven't bought Tongan kava since I started drinking kava again about 3 months ago. But I grew up with the Tongan family. And had several Tongan friends in college. And had Tongan kava with my friends' Tongan father as recently...
  11. Kavacoordinate

    Started feeling effects a week and a half ago and now seems like reverse tolerance

    I've recently had a very weird experience. As in i started kava again after several years off. Whole new scene with much better product than my previous experience. It took about three weeks to begin to see a break in reverse tolerance. Drank a half pound of dua na bilo. 4 oz of loa waka...
  12. Kavacoordinate

    Root of Happiness Samoan kava

    So I've been headlong into this for the past few weeks tried some vulu from kalm and also their loa. Had some Dua nabilo witha friend. I'll definitely be ordering more stuff from kalm. Just wondering if anybody's tried this Samoan varietal from root of happiness I've been very happy with their...
  13. Kavacoordinate

    Emulsifier vs no and Traditional vs blender vs aluball

    Hi guys I messed with Kava in the past but struggled with taste. Grew up drinking it a few times a year with Polynesian friends and their Dads. Trying to get back into it. Just ordered some Kalm micro and some of the Root of happiness extract and the kava candy to help me beat the reverse...