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  1. Joannerd

    Has anyone had experience with using kava to help with headaches?

    i feel a cluster headache coming on, my eyes are getting swollen and the light hurts but I wasn’t sure if kava would help or if it would dehydrate me
  2. Joannerd

    Aluball vs trad prep

    do you guys really find the aluball effective? I use the aluballs for two washes, but I’ll end up using a lot more kava to get any effects, vs when I make say 4 tbs trad prep, it’ll hit me a lot stronger. I never overfill the aluball. Am I supposed to do more washes with the aluball? I don’t...
  3. Joannerd

    Kava Preparation On collecting frozen aluball makas

    How do some of you collect makas? Do you throw all your used aluball makas in one container or separate them? I’ve been tossing my Borongoru in one freezer bag, and squanch’s Fiji Waka in another. Do you use a second wash with the aluball before freezing? I’ve been doing it twice, I feel like...
  4. Joannerd

    Powdered Kava Review Squanch Kava Fiji Waka

    We're jammin' To think that jammin' was a thing of the past We're jammin' And I hope this jam is gonna last Its been 3.5 hours and the sedation has slowed down, but I still feel relaxed. I am so new to kava so I can’t really distinguish between heady and heavy, or this potable was so potent...
  5. Joannerd

    I’m sleepy after a heady kava

    i was smiley after my first shell, my third- fourth shell I’m now sleepy. Did I overdo it? I want to go to sleep, but preferably in about 4-5 hours
  6. Joannerd

    Math question

    i was excited because I got my aluball today! I sifted the powder first with gentle shakes, I had added 2tbs of kava in each ball. Unfortunately I think I added too much water. It’s 600 ml instead of 400. I guess I should just chug it since it’s my first wash? How many ounces should I consider a...
  7. Joannerd

    What Exactly Should I Expect Next?

    first batch I ever made I felt completely relaxed, but I was so anxious about getting sick and not knowing what to expect, my heart was pounding out of my chest while my body was like a stone. Second night, I mucked up the batch in the blender. Luckily I found you guys and mc krunkface shared...
  8. Joannerd

    Kava Preparation Can you help me fix my mistake?

    Hi, new member here, the reddit is really inactive and I certainly felt the first shell I ever drank when I prepared 8 tablespoons the traditional method Saturday. Only I never stirred it so so kind of felt most on the last cup and I kneaded 4 more tablespoons and had all but the last one. I...