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  1. Kavacoordinate

    Kava Way Tongan Kava

    We lived Kulu when Buka Java house had it. Good stuff
  2. Kavacoordinate

    GHK Kava Shortage?

    Prayers Chris! Please let us know if we can help
  3. Kavacoordinate

    Dua Na Bilo

    It's the cheap stuff with fillers to get poundage.
  4. Kavacoordinate

    Everyone's current favorite kava and the effects it gives you

    Tyler said he only had five plants. so it was probably pretty quick I honestly wish I would have bought like three lb but I felt selfish
  5. Kavacoordinate

    Everyone's current favorite kava and the effects it gives you

    And Chris is a fantastic vendor. I need to get on the site and see what he's got right now.
  6. Kavacoordinate

    Everyone's current favorite kava and the effects it gives you

    Papa kea is lovely. I right now have fresh frozen Rahmedel from Micronesia roh and it is almost a perfect,. It really reminds me of damu. I also think I found two sources for damu so I will have to see what those end up being liked.
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    Dua Na Bilo

    Yeah man and I mean I'm pretty familiar with processing kava and this stuff was making me sick every single time I drank it. Never again. And I've even had some very sketchy stuff that I bought off eBay years ago that gave me dermopathy but never made me feel sick like that
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    Spotted Hiwa (Opihikao)

    Lovely. The Rahmedel from Micronesia is about a perfect kava. The spotted Hiwa was actually okay this time and not so racy is the last time that I bought it. But if you haven't tried fresh you have to. It's a completely different experience it doesn't feel as a acerbic. I've been getting...
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    Dua Na Bilo

    I bought a pound of it and after 3 sessions I'm sending it back. I've had a lot of kava in my life and this used to be a decent daily drinker. But this batch has made me sick every time I drink it. Anyone tried it recently with these results?
  10. Kavacoordinate

    Spotted Hiwa (Opihikao)

    I just bought some of Tyler's Frozen from Root of happiness. And I'm wondering what everybody's experience with this has been. I'm worried that I just wasted money because I don't do well with heady kavas at all
  11. Kavacoordinate

    How many of you folks do the blender method?

    I would also add that higher speeds on the blender are not necessarily better. I actually get better results from lower speeds because the higher you blended the more it mushes it up and it becomes this gelatinous ball rather than the fibrous materials that release all the kavalactones goodness
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    Yeah I'm in the heart of CBD country. One of the most advanced producers in the world is right in my backyard in fact we do some contract work for them. I'm really intrigued by the new water soluble direction that it's going so that you don't have to mix with an oil to have bioavailability...
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    Everyone's current favorite kava and the effects it gives you

    I currently have two from kalm and three from ghk also two from kavafied. I need to branch out and hit kavatime and nakamal at home and kava society. I'm a broken record but I still haven't been able to find anything that consistently matches kwk damu.
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    Kava Dosages Very confused Halp..

    Oh I also love Lapita from kavafied
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    Kava Dosages Very confused Halp..

    Look for kavas like papa kea from gourmet Hawaiian or squanch Waka. So much is dependent on your individual body chemistry. Case and point. You will read threads or one person states that they felt a, was very heavy so when we say heavy we're referring to kind of a numbing almost alcoholic...
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    Kava Dosages Very confused Halp..

    I can't agree with this. Headier kavas give me horrid anxiety
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    Best alternative/Most similar to damu?

    Krunkie I'll peg you on this because I know you loved it as well. It hit all spots. Anyone found a good alternative? I need to try kava vinaka and some of the kavatime cultivars.
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    Kava Poll Favorite kava Origin!?

    Favorite kava ever was damu that Mike from kwk found a few years ago. It honestly ruined me. It's a Fijian cultivar. Recently I've enjoyed papa kea from Hawaii and Solomon from kavafied
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    Listing of product kavalactones ?

    Main page. Scroll to the bottom and look for product listings
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    First taste of Hawaii'an Awa, at home

    So crazy. Nene and papa Kea are perfect for my chemistry. Moi is so heady it makes me feel sick.