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  1. Palmetto

    The Palmetto Plunge method for kneading kava easily

    Here is a method I came up with for kneading medium grind kava. It has the advantages of being nonmessy, quick, and keeps your hands clean and dry. Kavalactones don't cling to your hands, thus you get less dermopathy on your hands. I used to get cracks in my skin near my fingernails when I...
  2. Palmetto

    The stages of kava preferences

    When I first started drinking kava, my preconceptions were different from how I see it now. As far as my preferences for kava types, here are the stages I have gone through over time: 1. Follow every review and examine them for what effects might bring the ultimate euphoria 2. Look for the...
  3. Palmetto

    My foray into kavalactone extraction

    I bought some Isa with the express purpose of making a high DHM / high flavokawain extract. Flavokawains, DHM, DHK, and Yangonin have all been proven to produce a number of anticancer effects, including: cancer cell apoptosis, inhibition of metastasis, and other cancer fighting abilities. I...
  4. Palmetto

    Best heavy kava available today

    Hey everyone, I am looking to buy a heavy powder and strong this week. Something like a 246xxx or 264xxx preferably. I've tried KwK Boroguru, Wow, Stone, Hanikapi Ai, Tongan Pride, Kula, Nangol Noble, 11 year waka, many Borogus....Is there another heavy that is on the market this week that I...
  5. Palmetto

    Anyone up for a krunk session in Virginia this month?

    Hey, I have a few days of freedom from family around the fourth of July, plus a few days on either side. Anyone up for a kava gathering in that time frame or the second half of summer? Could be my place, or could be somewhere else. Preferably the Southern half of Virginia. Everyone bring...
  6. Palmetto

    Time to destroy another kava myth

    I've heard it claimed time and time again, that kneading kava forces oily substances (kavalactones) into water, with the implication that oily substances are more soluble in water after the use of force. That's not a very sound theory, according to physical and chemical principles. While it is...
  7. Palmetto

    Has anyone here tried Rahmedel?

    I've heard great things about Rahmedel, but I don't know where to get it from. If you've tried it, what are the effects like, and where did you get it from? I've only seen one supplier online, and he only sells bulk wholesale. I know it's available in Hawaii, but still rare.
  8. Palmetto

    Flower scented kava pee

    I noticed a post wheres Shakas mentioned a particular aroma to kava urine. My smells kind of flowery the day after ingesting several Tbs of kava (i.e. most mornings). Anyone else notice this? It's not a bod smell, just reminds me of a better version of a toilet freshener or taxicab.
  9. Palmetto

    Kava Botany The real reason why kava is sterile

    I have a suspicion as to why kava is sterile, based upon past studies. The chromosomes of noble cultivars tend to be around 5 times bigger than the ancestral piper methysticum (citation forgotten sorry). Much of the way that meiosis works in cell division is through the matching of similarly...
  10. Palmetto

    What about the more obscure cultivars available in Hawaii?

    I've read a little about several kava cultivars grown in Hawaii, whether originally from there or not, but there is scant information on the effects of Papa Ele Ele, Papa Ele Ele Puu Puu, Kumakua, Honokane Iki, Hiwa, Akau Huli, Ava Lea, Rahmedel, and Rahmwanger. Does anyone have experience with...
  11. Palmetto

    Just received do I grow them?

    I just received a number of Hawaiian kava cuttings in the mail this week. They were shipped in wet sphagnum moss, but the ends still were dried a bit. I cut off a few mm of the dried end on the fatter side of the cuttings, dipped in rooting solution, and placed in fairly wet rooting mix (70%...
  12. Palmetto

    Best your preferences

    Of all the kavas you've tried what are your favorites for: 1. Sociability 2. Best focusing on thought 3. Krunk the hell out of me...I don't want to walk straight 4. I need to sleep 5. My body aches 6. My day sucked, get me out of here My own selections out of about 7 kavas I've tried are: 1...