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  1. kavakarma

    Wild Harvest brand, tinctures and capsules

    Hello. I wish to discuss Wild Harvest brand Kava. It is piper methysticum, there is no wild harvesting of Kava, however, the origin of root is tricky to establish, I'm pretty sure the most info I have on it is that it is from Vanuatu and the company is sourced in Oregon. Wild Harvest sells many...
  2. kavakarma

    Cautionary Tale of Freezing Kava

    I've been wondering this too. I've had some glass be fine and some bust. One time it took me over an hour to use a dozen coffee filters to strain all the glass out. I usually use aluminum foil or plastic wrap or freeze liquid in a plastic bottle. I also drink those kombuchas! nice score. Thank...
  3. kavakarma

    I'm preparing to sell carbonated kava

    I said I'd buy it, let me in on the product testers please. Bula!
  4. kavakarma

    When new Nambawan

    Have a half pound coming. Last time I had Nambawan, it brewed green. It is the only Kava I've brewed that had green color to it.
  5. kavakarma

    Has anyone put honey in their kava ?

    I have definitely tried honey Kava. It's excellent. Your downsides will be a sticky mouth and blood sugar balancing. I find, as well as coffee or tea, Kava is nice with honey as a treat which helps add appreciation to the traditional flavor.
  6. kavakarma

    I'm preparing to sell carbonated kava

    You are correct Henry, good point. I mean if it is sealed it should be stable. Looks as though vacuum sealing is the process? Tell me if vacuum sealing is not enough."Foam capping" is a new term to me.
  7. kavakarma

    Kava Recipe Kava extraction via blending (Captuals)

    I recognize it as a white or gold foam, and I stir it in with spatula or whisk. Thanks for sharing your method. Mmmmmmmm tasty. Bula.
  8. kavakarma

    How do you decide 'when to say when' each time ?

    Latest feelings with me, are that if I am ready. Confident in my whole being. I will get the best Kava session. Sometimes this means having a couple shells back to back. With the idea of sipping Kava, it's not the same. Though sipping fulfills, eyelids are able to resist sleepiness if I go for...
  9. kavakarma

    Vendor News Squanch Kava back open

    Also if you got any Aluball I'm interested in using one myself.
  10. kavakarma

    Vendor News Squanch Kava back open

    @Squanch72 Bulk discounts apply automatically? Or shall I contact you for an invoice? I'm looking at ordering several pounds. Would be better for me to grab a winter's worth of tea in the summer than to pay the price of shipping and snow delays every week all winter long. Bula.
  11. kavakarma

    I'm preparing to sell carbonated kava

    As a student of biology and chemistry, I'm going to guess it's timing. If you seal it right away, no air, no leaks, there was no bacteria to begin with. We're talking about no additives, so that means no preservatives. Heat acts funny when you bottle it up. I bet it's done cold, and if sealed...
  12. kavakarma

    An interview with Dr Lebot

    I understand.
  13. kavakarma

    Potentiates datasheet.

    Sounds accurate to me. Be careful. I'd rather have Kava than any amount or type of benzo's.
  14. kavakarma

    I'm preparing to sell carbonated kava

    Are you currently selling? Contact me, I'm ready to place an order. I'll pay the shipping, I want to try your product.
  15. kavakarma

    An interview with Dr Lebot

    I need a PDF of that book please. Living with my mother, I am beginning to understand on my own why men drink Kava anyhow. If I propose women drink Kava, what literature is there about this? We raise a point. My employer, family, friends, it is only males who drink Kava. While women try my Kava...
  16. kavakarma

    I'm preparing to sell carbonated kava

    My aunt has shown me that soda water in Kava is not too bad. It changes the color, flavor, and mouthfeel. I will buy a pack of your carbonated Kava.
  17. kavakarma

    Potentiates datasheet.

    I spent a year learning about Skullcap and developing a relationship with that herb. I prefer Kava, however Skullcap is something for me that I would drink if Kava was not available. I do not prefer to blend them. It's a preference of mine. For lemon balm, I grew it in the garden and harvested...
  18. kavakarma

    An interview with Dr Lebot

    When did the tradition of men drinking Kava and not women begin? What may have caused it?
  19. kavakarma

    'Ono photos

    Thank you. I will write a review when I am done drinking this fantastic smelling and tasting Kava. Bula!
  20. kavakarma

    Pacific Roots review, KWK order fulfilled

    Hello Kava lovers. My order from Kalm with Kava came in this morning, a weekend after I placed the request. Satisfaction. I'm wearing my brown Tanoa t-shirt, which feels soft and durable, and smells like fresh Kava. Speaking of fresh Kava, Pacific Roots beverage. I chilled it to about...