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    Whole roots fresh or dried

    Have you considered selling whole roots either fresh or dried? I have an idea the experience will be different? Regards Michael
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    Getting Kava sent to the UK

    But if The kava wholeselĺer label the kava is for animal consumption. The the problem is solved ?
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    Moi and Mahakea Instant is Back in stock

    I get the impression that he only sells instant and medium grids
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    I'm preparing to sell carbonated kava

    What About high pressure processing?
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    Seized kava

    What happends to your kava when it got seized?
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    Fiji Fresh Shipping Updates

    Yes they do :)
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    Tonga kava export

    Well unless they mean Poland. They need to have them lift the ban on kava.
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    Tonga kava export
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    An interview with Dr Lebot

    I am afraid that someone would make a mistake and put bad kava on the market so fda finds a reason to put restrictions on it.
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    Kings Kava (Supplier banned from the forum)

    I dont believe there is a connection between following rules on forum and quality of your product. But I think people will demand independent lab test now that more kava growers and processors gets into the market. Like Mr Lebot mentions.
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    Kanaka kava

    I have visit their bar in kona. They seems to be quite active on Instagram. With pickups in hilo or at their farm. I get the impression that they ship to USA
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    Kanaka kava

    What's your experience with that vendor?
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    Kavaeurope & KWK Europe (Poland)

    I did order another shipment from kavaeurope. I did place the order 15 june and recived it 24 june.
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    Medicinal Usage Kava as an Aphrodisiac

    It makes you relax, that is good thing when it comes to sex. Do you share the kava with your partner?
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    GHK Kava Shortage?

    Pay attention on your mothers quality of life and well being.
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    Kava Preparation Do your own processing of roots.

    After reading the reviews on kava made from sun dried roots. My question is ; Will your kava experience be better it you process the roots your self, instead of buying it grinded?
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    Best Value Cheap Kava

    As i understand it GHK does not ship internationally. If you wish to buy from them you need to use a remailer like Stakry or similar.
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    Can I try KAVA again ?

    How do you consume kava?
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    Stackery shipping service

    Don't you get the opportunity to choose between couriers?
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    Kavaeurope & KWK Europe (Poland)

    Yes The price is cheaper from New Zealand but is the risk higher that its subject for customs inspection?