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    Anyone ever get feelings of both immense sadness AND happiness when drinking Kava?

    How can I describe it... That feeling when you're on vacation and you're looking over a beautiful mountain range in the Colorado Rockies. You're just filled with this blissful peace, the calmness, the beauty of it all, and the vastness of nature. But at the same you remember that beyond this...
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    Nangol or Nambawan for Near Years Party?

    I’ve got a New Years Eve Party in 4 hours. I’ve got Nangol and nambawan on hand. Nangol gets me pretty euphoric, but it makes me want to just lay outside and just look at the stars. Being around people is hard for me on Nangol. I haven’t had Nambawan for over a year, and I’ve forgotten what it...
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    Kava and pain medication...reason for worry?

    I hurt my knee pretty bad today and had to visit the ER. They gave me some weak Codeine/Tylenol combo to hold me over until I see an ortho. I took the pill at 6 and waited until 11 to drink my Kava. Even 5 hours after my medication, I’m feeling the kava way more than usual. I tend to be a bit...
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    How far do you space your shells?

    As a former alcoholic, I think I’ve been disrespecting the kava. I tend to slam down multiple shells within a 20 minute period, similar to my previous drinking habits. I’m beginning to think this fast-paced kava consumption is to blame for the anxiety and nausea I’ve gotten during several recent...
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    Needing 14-16 tbsp/session?

    I’m a 6 ft 8, 220 lb male. It takes me 14-16 tablespoons of strained Kava tea to feel anything. Does anyone else experience this? Seems like most people do fine with 4-8 tablespoons. I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong... -I drink Kava on an empty stomach (4 hours at least no food) -I...
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    Powdered Kava Review Nangol Noble

    As a former LSD user, this is the closest legal alternative I’ve found for creating an introspective, spiritual headspace. It’s wonderful. Almost overwhelming. The best way I can describe it is a mix of euphoria, inner peace, and gratitude for life. It causes all the stress and daily BS to...