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    Kavalactone chemotype changes after the first wash.

    It's come to mind that Kava's chemotypes might change after the first wash. In my experience, Kava seems to gravitate towards headiness, and less sedation (or at least just less sedation), with each wash after the first one. Although, I'm not an expert on heaviness because, oddly enough what...
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    Skin Peeling on Hands

    Recently, my hands have been getting really bad, in terms of peeling skin. Am I the only one who's gotten this before, or what? I should probably be wearing gloves to knead the Kava...
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    Nicotine and Kava

    Idk if this has already been discussed or if it's allowed, but, would you say a nicotine "buzz" complements or detracts from a kava "buzz" and vice versa? I've read various studies that say sodium channel blockade can decrease the activity of the reward system when coapplied with the most common...
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    "Intoxicating" pepper, possible stigma

    Has there been any thread yet talking about whether or not intoxicating pepper is an "offensive" name for kava? In other words, what with the stigma attached to the word intoxication or intoxicating or whatever, do you think the same stigma applies to Kava? If you were to recommend Kava to...
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    Kava buzz location

    I find that the "kava buzz" is confined mostly to the head and is short lived unless I've been drinking kava for about 3 consecutive days at least when it starts to take less to get the job done. I do kind of feel it in the body as well. Who here would say the buzz is in the body and would say...
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    Reverse Tolerance

    You know, I'm no expert but I have a theory on reverse tolerance. The half-lives of the non-kavain kavalactones are VERY long, so with everyday use these kavalactones will build up in the system to levels even higher than you can get with one large session. There is also an "entourage" effect...
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    Really wanting to give Kava another serious go around.

    My history with Kava aside, I really really feel a need to try kava again. Kava did always seem to reduce pain... And that first time was an absolutely amazing experience that I'm confident I can reach again at least at a similar level. So, I started using Tianeptine therapeutically for about...
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    Kava and Mood: detailed description

    Hey, since my experiences with kava after the very first glowing experience have all been very bad I would like to know if everyone here has basically the OPPOSITE reactions. The mental symptoms I had were as follows: Low to nonexistent motivation to do anything, or on better days would do...
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    How do you knead kava?

    Sorry for the last obviously exaggerated post. So, a little backstory, I need to gain weight so I decided to eat a bunch of junk food (terrible idea). I had about a half of a large pizza daily. This amounts to 1800-2100 mg of sodium. As you know, Kava inhibits voltage-gated sodium channels. I...
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    Day or Night?

    Simple, low priority question for anybody who has input. I'm gonna try it anyway but am wondering, might trying kava at night change my experience for the better? That's how it's been traditionally consumed anyway.
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    Kava and sodium channels outside the brain

    I know one of you here is a pretty good chemist (verticity?) and I was wondering if kava affected sodium channels outside of the brain as well as inside the brain, namely sodium channels of the heart. If so, kava could be an anti-arrhythmic in certain circumstances.
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    Kava for Panic Attacks/Agoraphobia

    I know it's not likely anyone here has experience with agoraphobia, but does anyone have experience with Kava helping/stopping panic attacks and not just anxiety? Like, I'm talking about the full blown "this is never gonna end, I've gotta get out of here" agoraphobic panic attacks. I tried...
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    Kava- Dopamine Antagonism Idk where to put this but I want people to see it so that they might be able to provide some input. I wish I knew whether or not the heavier dopamine antagonism from the lipid extract was just because of greater bioavailability or if there's actually...
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    Actual effects of Kava

    So, I've been looking around the forum and I've realized that I don't think I've gotten a full picture of kava's effects. Another member mentioned a "delay in visual processing" and that reminded me of the way the grass waving in the wind seemed to mesmerize me on that one day where I actually...
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    Body effects

    Has anyone noticed if some strains of kava have actually made your muscles more tense instead of less tense? Maybe it's just because of that one time where I felt really anxious after drinking some kava after using the boiling method, but there are some times where I feel even more stress after...
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    Kava Sediment

    Seen as I'm nearly out of the last bit of Solomons Kava I bought, I'm wondering what the sediment on the bottom of the bowl can be used for? If I tried to ingest it, would it just make me nauseous? I'm just trying to be cost effective, and to manage my disappointment.
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    Kava FAQ Will Kava ever be as good as alcohol?

    I'm sitting here intoxicated right now so I apologize if I'm being redundant or if there's a thread like this one somewhere else. I wonder though, if I'm going through reverse tolerance than its understand me if I feel that Kava cannot be compared to alcohol. But, as I sit here so pleasantly and...
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    Water Ph

    I saw a thread on another forum about a guy asking if anyone has ever tried using alkaline water for kava. No one ever answered, but it's an interesting question about whether or not the Ph of water effects the absorption of kavalactones.
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    Vacuum Fresh Kava

    Is there any vacuum sealed fresh kava on the market right now? Where would someone usually find this stuff. I'm thinking that if it's expensive (and if it exists) that it could be a special occasion type thing, and coincidentally enough, I have a few friends coming over that have never tried...
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    Coconut shell

    From which vendor is Kavasseur's coconut shell? Or at least one similar to it, the one I've got is misshapen and has an odd finish, kinda looks like what I think is lacquer.