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    UK S.O.S....

    Hi I’m in the UK usual vendor EDWARD informs me customs keep bouncing supplies back. I ordered with they say uk- turns out it’s India. From whom I got Kalma with kava Vanuatu micronised 100g. At like £140 with shipping, tax etc. Now they have root of happiness Vanuatu 500mg but read...
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    Missing Product Vatu waka

    Hi Edward been using the above for my pets with success for pain management. Need to order some more, same micronised, I think you sent me a link so I can go straight to order? Can u pls resend, thanks grace Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    kava supplier for uk

    Hi Please advise from whom I can order micronised kava, and what types of kava are best for insomnia. I’ve used noble Vanuatu with some success from Europe but they no longer exist...thanks
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    Co2 extract

    Hi there Not a newbie to kava but had long break from it. Need to source co2 extract - who delivers to uk? I use primarily for insomnia Personal Recommendations appreciated Alchemy
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    Kava CO2 extract/PASTE

    hi Iam in UK - need helpful advice UK SUPPLIER I need to take kava for medical purposes so it must be reliable kavalactone content. UNTIL they got shut down I was taking global export anxious animal paste. It works really well for me. I can’t take powdered root - in any form, even micronised...
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    Kava Extract Review Global exports

    Hi I’m in uk. I had good experiences with co2 extract from global exports for my medical issues; pain relief, insomnia relief etc. Global exports They got shut down apparently. Please advise who ships good noble co2 extract to uk. Sorry- could not work out how to do a new post on here..... Thanks
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    medicinal use advice sought

    Hi Ive been taking kona hawaiian root powder for couple of weeks. I believe from what Im told this is not reputable company. I would like advice on kavas sold by global who export to uk. Iam using kava for insomnia, pain, be grateful for recommnendations. The one im using seems...
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    organic source of kava

    Hi im in the uk and need info on the best organic root kava for insomnia and pain. i m currently using kona farm, hawaiian root, which is def helping. but im informed kona is unreputable. if someone can send me links or signpost me id appreciate it. cheers
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    Kava Heart Chakra

    Aloha Im a kava newbie. I started taking hawaian root powder from kona farm. a couple of weeks back. Im taking it for pain management for fibromyalgia and insomnia. Iam also currently working through major bereavement. Kava is opening up my heart chakra at a deep level, that Ive only experienced...