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    Tilt the bag, lol

    Anyone else turn their new bags upside down, shake, and smack? Lol usually when I get a fresh bag, I open letting some air in, tilt, shake few times, then tap the bag a few times. I find it brings the finer particles to the top instead of the bottom. Maybe Im the weird one who likes that strong...
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    Kava During Dermo

    Not sure if anyone read my thread on new members and a comment I posted on @IloveKava23 thread on medical. But really stressed right now with this pandemic, plus Im recieving pinpointed radiosurgery, 5 day treatment; Two more days; on a small tumor in my right lung. But after I got dry flakey...
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    Questions of a newbie.

    I just recently bought an unbranded Kava Root, owner keeps all roots and flowers in jars, from one of those new age natural remedy places near my location. Only thing I know about this Kava is that it was imported from Vanuatu, and is supposed to be Noble. It is very heady and gets the job done...