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  1. Sonder

    KWK Borogu is Awesome!

    Wow this is nice, my first “wow” moment with Kava. I have this stimulation that I can only equate to a lower dose of amphetamines, but without feeling all jittery and uncomfortable. Also have this mild head effect, cant quite explain it but it’s nice, euphoric maybe. I was very skeptical buying...
  2. Sonder

    Kava Dose in Regard to Weight

    Just curious, I think I’ve read something about kava dosage not really mattering with weight, is this true? I’m curious as to if it differs from traditional drugs in that sense where someone who is heavier would require more of a substance for effect.
  3. Sonder


    Hello forum! My name is Darren but I go by the alias of Sonder. I recently purchased the premium sample pack by KWK and I must say, wow this really takes the edge off, although I have to say I’m not a big fan of the spicy dirt taste. I’m mostly looking for a sleep aid but I wouldn’t mind any...