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    Something different with Kavafied Kava Supreme?

    My wife got me a bag for Xmas. This is probably my 3rd or 4th bag, so it's certainly not new to me. The grind though is much finer than it was before. So much so that much (most) of the powder slips straight through the aluball. Are other people seeing this, or did I just get an off batch...
  2. J

    Did BKH get my order wrong?

    I was supposed to get the Nambawan Micronized. The sticker on the back gives instructions for Micronized (Just mix 1-2 tablespoons in your favorite beverage...etc), but the front says Ground Kava Root. So I mixed up and took a drink, was like picking sawdust out of my teeth. I passed it...
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    Recommendations for 'Krunky' type Micronized?

    I've had a bit of success with the KwK Vanuatu Borongoru, but wonder if there are other options available. I really like the feeling of Kavafied Kava Supreme with aluball prep, but it seems like my stomach is never quite so thrilled with it. I don't every throw up or anything, but it's enough...
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    KWK Vula Waka Prep question

    Tried this one a few times, it doesn't seem to do a whole lot for me. I get a mellow relaxing effect; but it's nothing like the effects I get with a Kava Supreme or even the KWK Microionized Fiji Loa Waka. Wondering if that's just they way this one works for me, or maybe the aluball prep...