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  1. GreatScotty

    Kava FAQ How to perform the acetonic test

    I noticed in the video Dr Lebot says you can use ethonal instead of acetone. Has anyone tried this?
  2. GreatScotty

    Cringe worthy Kava snafues.

    So I was at my local coffee shop today and the two baristas there were telling me that they got Kava from the local coop. I asked them how they were preparing it and they said the put 10 Tb of the root into a blender with 12oz of water and then strained it with a paper towel. WTF was my first...
  3. GreatScotty

    Kava Preparation Potato mashin’ makas

    I’ll prep your makas anytime :D
  4. GreatScotty

    Oh no my lb is half gone in 4 days

    It will be interesting to see how long my 2lbs will last. I just bought a bag of both verities of Squanch. Mind you I’ll be sharing it with @Intrepidus_dux. My goal is to make it last till my next rent free paycheck. We shall see. o_O::chugger::
  5. GreatScotty

    I Love Kava Friday Arrival

    Just bought 2lbs of squanch. Can't wait till it gets here!::awesomesmiles::
  6. GreatScotty

    Kava Poll kava taste!

    So far I like the Squanch waka the most, but Dua Na Bilo is a close second. I am not a big fan of the peppery flavor and I feel out of all the strains I have had, those two are the least peppery.
  7. GreatScotty

    Intro to kava via Squanch

    My GF got me into the Squanch. So far out of all the kinds, mind you its only about 3 or 4 verities, Squanch is my favorite!