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  1. Jerome

    Waka Root from Fiji Fresh

    Anyone tried the whole waka roots from Fiji Fresh? I've been off the kava far too long but this looks like a fun product!
  2. Jerome

    Kava Recipe Kava Jello Shots.

    Anybody tried them? Might be tricky to keep the sediment from settling on the bottom.
  3. Jerome

    Big Bulk Kava on the Amazon.

  4. Jerome

    South Pacific Kava Bulk

    This seems like a reasonable way to buy a lot of kava for a great price? Anyone have any experience with the powder? It's quite an upfront investment (I think $500 minimum is what I saw) but really, I'm sure most of us do that in a year, probably less.
  5. Jerome

    Powdered Kava Review 'Eua Kava Powder

    This kava was a little less milky and smooth than other examples of Tongan kava I've had, such as Fu'u or Pouni ono. But it was fine. To be fair, I've never found a kava that I would consider tasty. It starts slow. No sudden punch of euphoria or sedation. But after giving it a little...
  6. Jerome


    I may be an idiot and not doing this right, but why can't I review the BKH Eau? I really like it and its a phenomenal social kava.
  7. Jerome

    Kava Abstinence

    Due to an annoying and persistent symptom of a tender mouth, salty taste, and oral sensitivity to heat and spicy food, I am reluctantly taking a kava sabbatical hoping my nightly heavy shelling has some root in the problem. It is with reluctance and no small amount of irritation I embark on...
  8. Jerome

    New Symptom

    I don't normally succumb to dermo but I'm looking a little lizard like today. But I have suffered for the last couple months with gum and mouth tenderness and a persistent "salty" taste in my mouth. My lips feel slightly... wrinkled, for lack of a better term. I now have a sensitivity to...
  9. Jerome

    I Love Kava Friday Happy Friday, Particularly to any U.S. based educators out there!

    This is a particularly sweet Friday for me as it means I have 17 days off. There will be kava shells a plenty.
  10. Jerome

    I Love Kava Friday !Feliz Viernes gente tranquilo!

    I got a great Friday surprise this morning. I was expecting a lovely bunch of GHK tomorrow but I looked today, and the delivery date was updated to Friday! Its going to be a very good weekend.
  11. Jerome

    Honokane Iki - Heady or Heavy?

    So I've been perusing the forum looking for information about this powder and I see a number of comments from 2014 talking about it being the headiest of kavas. More recent reviews give it a more heavy rating. Is this just a variation in batches? I see its chemotype ranks it similar to nene...
  12. Jerome

    The convenience of micro in public places.

    I don't always buy micro, but when I do I prefer @Gourmet Hawaiian Kava . I'm a middle school teacher, and while I'm sure it happens, drinking whiskey under my desk is frowned upon. But kava, the kids all think its a protein powder. "I don't think its working Mr. Teacher" Me... "Oh...
  13. Jerome

    I've been screwed!

    This evening I put a table spoon of stone and two scoops of mahakea in a jar with water to shake vigorously. I heard a tinging noise as if a small rock were in there as I laughed thinking... "oh that must be the stone!" But I scooped out a stainless steel, half inch machine screw! As pictured...
  14. Jerome

    Powdered Kava Review Nene - Medium Grind

    I don't know why I stray from the Hawaiian kavas (except maybe for a good Fijian or Tongan). I've had Nene from other Hawaiian vendors in the past but this was my first experience with Gourmet Hawaiian Kava Nene. This is a high quality powder. Very little rough bits, mostly just light...
  15. Jerome

    Powdered Kava Review Stone Kava

    It is what it is. This stuff makes you stumbling krunk. Not good if you have to put the kids to bed, get the chickens in the coop, fillet fish, massage the wife, wash dishes or ... walk in a straight line. But if you're home alone and it's closing in on pillow time, chug away. This one...
  16. Jerome

    A weekend without Kava...

    Just got the word that school's will be closed tomorrow on the gulf coast of Florida. So I've got a three day weekend ahead! Only problem is I drank the last of my kava last night... Think the "Stone" kava left Boca Raton before the storm got there? I'll cross my fingers.
  17. Jerome

    Kava Extract Review Mahakea Extract

    Very strong stuff. Very enjoyable and quite honestly pleasant tasting. Face numbing, joy inducing, body tingling, brain buzzing goodness.
  18. Jerome

    GHK extract photos.

    Finally got it. @Gourmet Hawaiian Kava What is your recommended method of delivery Chris? Also, which variety is it? Thanks!
  19. Jerome

    Visiting the Farm

    So my brother was in Hilo this weekend and I suggested he visit Chris' farm and pick up some kava. Chris sent me his number and address and I forwarded it on to my brother. He was able to swing by the farm and had nothing but nice things to say about Chris and told me the farm was beautiful...
  20. Jerome

    Kava on the big Island.

    My brother is going to be on Hawaii's big Island this weekend and I've been bugging him to try kava, since he's been living in Honolulu for about a year. Any good places to get kava? Any bars? Farmers markets? Thanks all.