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    4 Different Hawaiian Instant Kava

    Agreed I love the Moi
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    Co2 Concentrate

    Now to wait for the next restock :bookworm::whistle::sleep:
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    Co2 Concentrate

    NOOOOOO man I swear I check my emails everyday waiting for a restock and the one day I don't do it...... lone behold there is a restock email waiting for me and its already sold out :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    Kava Extract Co2 Kava Concentrate - 30g Tube - Honey Orange Vanilla

    I hope they keep stocking this stuff its my favorite extract I've tried
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    Vaping Kava distillate?

    I can't stomach Kava, but I love the effects it brings so it seems vaping would be better suited for me, and the convenience of it would be great too. Has anyone tried this distillate?
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    Whats everyones dosing for the extract?

    Applesauce is the perfect vehicle to help get the extract down I've found for those like me who have trouble holding the paste in the mouth
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    Whats everyones dosing for the extract?

    Just curious if you prefer holding it in the guns or jusst swallowing right away? And do you follow the 2g serving size or do you go higher or lower?
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    CO2 paste first try- review

    How much do you take and do you just swallow it or hold in mouth/gums
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    Co2 Extract update

    Any ETA on a restock?
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    Co2 Extract update

    Can't wait!!!
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    ? Any timeframe on GHK's Instant Starter Packs?

    Any update on when the Instant Sample Pack will be back in stock?
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    Recommended dose for the Instants?

    So it's more important to have empty stomach with instants vs traditional? Would it be the same with extracts as well?
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    Recommended dose for the Instants?

    I'm curious about the recommended doses for the Instant powders
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    BKH Vanuatu Instant Green Kava Review

    What dosage do you find works best?
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    Does Kava need to be taken daily to breakthrough reverse tolerance?

    Do I have to take it daily to start feeling full effects or just a few times a week?
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    Best kava paste method of consumption?

    Can you weigh it out and let me know? I can't get the right dosage
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    Current strong euphoric kava

    Mo'i from GHK
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    Best kava paste method of consumption?

    Root of Happiness 70% Polynesian gold CO2 extract
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    Best kava paste method of consumption?

    Can I just swallow a glob of the paste like a pill or does it have to be mixed in liquid or taken sublingually?
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    Coming back from long break, reverse tolerance again?

    Not exactly the same stuff but I'm only using well reviewed/reliable Kava. It's weird cause the first 20-30 minutes feels like it's going great then at 30 minutes onward it's just meh. Hopefully I just have to break in the reverse tolerance again. No change in diet