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    Vaping Kava distillate?

    I can't stomach Kava, but I love the effects it brings so it seems vaping would be better suited for me, and the convenience of it would be great too. Has anyone tried this distillate?
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    Whats everyones dosing for the extract?

    Just curious if you prefer holding it in the guns or jusst swallowing right away? And do you follow the 2g serving size or do you go higher or lower?
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    Recommended dose for the Instants?

    I'm curious about the recommended doses for the Instant powders
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    Does Kava need to be taken daily to breakthrough reverse tolerance?

    Do I have to take it daily to start feeling full effects or just a few times a week?
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    Best kava paste method of consumption?

    Can I just swallow a glob of the paste like a pill or does it have to be mixed in liquid or taken sublingually?
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    Coming back from long break, reverse tolerance again?

    I took a break for about 6 months from kava and I've bought some more recently but my first few tries im not feeling much. I keep raising the dose and nothing. Do I have to "break through" reverse tolerance again like when one first starts taking Kava?
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    Thoughts on the Instant Kava?

    Anyone have any reviews for the Instant Kava? I tried searching but there are barely any reviews on here. I'd appreciate any feedback
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    Best cost-effective Noble extract/paste?

    I can't stomach any amount of kava powder/sediment so I want to try extracts, but I know a majority of them are not noble. I'd appreciate any help
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    Most euphoric strain from GHK?

    I'm about to order I would appreciate the input :)
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    Most euphoric strain?

    Title says all
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    20+ kava uses, still nothing?

    Kava noob here, I've used kava about 20 times now and still have yet to feel anything. I've tried a bunch of different amounts. I'm using kava with good reviews as well. Its micro so theres nothing wrong with my preparation. Could it take even more than 20 uses to feel anything?
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    Are the flavored instant blends the same as the Vanuatu?

    Is it the same Kava as the instant Vanuatu blend but just flavored?