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  1. greenbeen

    How many of you have a different kava every night?

    This may be a stupid question but how many of you rotate your kavas all the time? (Even if you get a good crunk one night and want to have it again the following evening) Also what is part of your ritual when you drink your kava?
  2. greenbeen

    Anybody tried Tikarams?

    One of the amazon kavas called Tikarams, it seems like a great deal. Even if its weak but noble it would be a good mixer with a stronger kava. They offer two kinds, Vanatau and Fiji Waka. If youve tried it, let me know how it is and which of the 2 strains youve had.
  3. greenbeen

    Has anybody tried [email protected] recently?

    Has anybody tried [email protected] recently? preferably stone or wow. im posting this because almost all the reviews are from 2016. If youve had it recently pls tell me what strain and how it was.
  4. greenbeen

    borogu vs. borongoru

    Could someone describe the difference between borogu and borongoru? If i had to be more specific, kwk's strains of micro borogu/ borongoru.
  5. greenbeen

    Anyone tried kava-gold ??

    Ive placed an order with them and then tried searching for them on multiple forum topics. Unless i overlooked them, i couldnt find a word about them, not even under unknown vendors. Which is strange because i found him by reading somebody's post here. i dont think he has a website as i ordered...
  6. greenbeen

    ip lock on kalm with kava site

    has anyone else been locked out of kwk site? i had stuff in my cart and tried to log into my profile, i tried a few of my usual pssswords, and then something popped up saying my ip has been blocked? so i tried buying stuff without logging into my old account and it STILL blocks me. i hope there...
  7. greenbeen

    Hi guys, quick kava comparison

    Hi, I'm a longtime member but havent ordered kava or been on this forum in quite awhile. im debating buying papa kea from GHK vs stone and salomons from nakamal. if i had it my way id buy both but money is tight right now. i hope they are heavy as they used to be but im not up to date on if the...
  8. greenbeen

    hi guys need advice

    Hi kavafamily, ive been out of the kava game for about 6 months and i havent read about or tried or heard of most of these vendors now. For those kavasuers that have, im wondering what kava is the best/strongest A. Mentally and B. Physically (muscle relief and melting into the couch) An...
  9. greenbeen

    what kava is the closest to Papa Kea?

    Hi all, ..Im on a quest to find a micro or ground root that resembles papa kea's effects. Smoothness or taste isnt an issue,....Im looking for a kava with similar potency, body and heady effects to papa kea. Less body effects is Ok, but the more heady, the better. Im looking for a kava that...
  10. greenbeen

    anyone prefer boil prep?

    Does anyone prefer using boil method to prepare. Ive heard conflicting opinions of the temp that kavalactones breakdown at. Without starting any arguments, Does anyone prefer this method ? Is it used more for bulk kava? And what temp does everyone use to knead their kava at? Hot, warm, room temp ?
  11. greenbeen

    kavacandy vs pk extract

    Im wondering which one is more heady, kava candies or paradise kava's flavored extract ? Ive tried the candies and find them quite effective for out and about and relaxing after a large meal. I have yet to try the extract and ill be ordering one or the other by the end of the wknd. Any...
  12. greenbeen

    no effects

    Does anyone else sometimes have little to no effects when having the first few shells of kava? I do and im trying to narrow down the variables to this. Ive gotten it down to- -too much caffeine intake throughout the day -stomach TOO empty -body already dehydrated before kava use (maybe causing...
  13. greenbeen

    Your go to kava strain

    I know its hard to use the word favorite as its hard to narrow down all the great strains that have been made available to us. Im curious to know everyones go-to strain for weekdays and weekends. Mine is the following: Weeknights- micronized moi (ghk) followed by solomon ([email protected]) Weekend- micro...
  14. greenbeen

    eating after kava

    On average how long do you wait after drinking kava before you eat/get hungry again? I find most of the effects dwindle once eating but ive read that it potentiates the effects for some of you. For those people what do you usually eat that happens to potentiate your kava experience?