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  1. the_wilderness

    Australia to trial commercial kava imports in 2020

    I've found caps a very poor trade. I've tried 30 at a time and that's all I can stomach, with few benefits. I have a high tolerance, and that would play a part. Kudos to those who get a little kava reprieve from any source, and hope it improves for us all later this year with the review. Get...
  2. the_wilderness

    Hello there. I have anxiety.

    *waves * hi from another EDS & PTSD person! Quite the cocktail for the nervous system, eh? KwK is a great company to support you through the process. You can email them direct about which kava strains will suit your needs, they're very responsive and helpful. As Krunky mentions, micro can...
  3. the_wilderness

    Australia to trial commercial kava imports in 2020

    Feedback due date extended till May 31.
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    Kava Culture Announcing the Passing of Mike Munsell, Founder and CEO of Kalm with Kava

    KwK was my first experience of kava synergy. Mike was a gentle and equaniminous guide. Very sad to hear this news.
  5. the_wilderness

    Sourcing Kava in Australia

    Nodsey where did you see the Taki Mai deal?
  6. the_wilderness

    Sourcing Kava in Australia

    I suspect it's the Taki Mai powder, yeah. But the caps don't hold much. I used to take 4-6 tbsps of that stuff so no wonder the caps don't cut it.
  7. the_wilderness

    Sourcing Kava in Australia

    Concur with all above. The black market kava is often cut with flour or worse. FK is better than Thompsons imo but I take 20 of the FijiKava and it's like...half a shell :( really hope the Aus review goes swimmingly and they get Taki Mai powder in later this year.
  8. the_wilderness

    Sourcing Kava in Australia

    If you order, do it with open eyes. The customs risk is real...lost $500 of micro and got blacklisted by customs. No fine the first time (for me, but losing the kava was enough ). There's currently a review on commercial imports, so things may change late this year. I'm researching distribution...
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    Any good recipes for making kava more palatable

    Skol without breathing through your nose. Chase with mango juice, any variety will do. Absolute best for taste bud reset imo.
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    Australia to trial commercial kava imports in 2020

    Very interested to know if anyone has responded to the invitation? I'm going to draw on my academic background and write something up I think...
  11. the_wilderness

    Australia to trial commercial kava imports in 2020 Another step forward. If Taki Mai (who own FK) already have clearance in our market, let's hope the next step is expanding to include all their kava products with the commercial trials. Jerome Sarris...
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    Does Kava "find you"

    Coles signed a deal with Fiji Kava (tabs only, but made by Taki Mai so who knows where that might go!) A step in the right direction! Hopefully they'll be selling the 1kg tubs of powder next... Taki Mai is maybe the worst tasting kava I've ever tried, works for sure .
  13. the_wilderness

    Does Kava "find you"

    I'm in! Last time I just posted direct to the hotel. Easy peasy.
  14. the_wilderness

    Does Kava "find you"

    I'm not sure what 'commercial importation' will look like, but hoping it means proper root. I'll might career change to kava supply if it does. :D yegods i miss you kava
  15. the_wilderness

    Does Kava "find you"

    i WISH kava would find me again. It's impossible to get here (Down Under) now that I've been blacklisted by customs. So I continue on with the awful chemical cocktail that is, in the end, a poor substitute for kava with unpleasant side effects to boot. Come back, kava!
  16. the_wilderness

    Advise on preparation micro vs med grind

    It's possibly just one of your kava quirks. I have the same; good micro/instant effects, but medium grind I only get that 'background' kava feeling, even when I'm using x3 the amount of micro (I use 4-6tbsp of micro per chug session). Pretty sure no errors in prep, I do the same as you.
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    Best and Worst tasting kavas ?

    It tastes damnawful, but I'm of the 'consistency of paint' school. I think if I was having the 'average' dose, which seems about half of what I use, I'd enjoy the flavour profiles more. Hawaiian is by far the least offensive for me. In general, the darker the kava is, the worse it tastes to my...
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    problems feeling it

    4tbsp of micro for effects for me. Yeah, it's expensive.
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    Your Aluball Ritual

    I do four Aluballs in one of the newer models, each with 2.5tbsp :D Shake for 30secs-1min, and pour. I do two washes, after which I don't feel any effect...and then freeze the makas...I was blending 2 sessions worth of defrosted makas to make the mongrel brew. Until yesterday, when I thought...
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    also jealous. 104F here all week and bushfire central :( lucky kava has a cooling effect...