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  1. Coral Sea Kava

    FREE AoK Gorgor Micronized - 1.3lb open - Just cover shipping

    I had about 1.5lbs of Gorgor micro from AoK that I sifted off from 3lbs of medium grind. I can’t really do Micronized even when straining as it makes me prone to styes which doesn’t happen with instant or traditional grind, even if I prepare in a traditional fashion and strain. I don’t sell...
  2. Artofkava

    Clarified Kava

    Lacto clarified pineapple lime kadavu with a coconut taro foam Clarified kava: Ingredients: 32g kava 150ml milk 150 ml pineapple juice, squeeze lime, 300ml water Put kava powder in 300ml water plus 150ml milk and do a blender prep. Strain powder from liquid into a container. Add pineapple...
  3. Artofkava

    New Member - Vendor |

    Hey yall! My name is Zac Holzapfel. I connected with Kapmkrunk over on reddit and was directed here to intro myself and what we're doing. I own a tea company called Yum Cha @ I partnered with a friend of mine from Fiji who you may or may not know of, Isake Kantonibau. He's a pro...