kava help

  1. Fantafyren

    Only a couple of weeks into trying Kava and have some questions, so please help a newster out

    So I used to be both a junkie and and alcoholic for 8 years, but I finally got sober back in May. Then this December I almost relapsed, but decided to order a shit ton of different nootropics and down a bunch of alcohol free beverages just so I can "Relapse" without relapsing. You know snorting...
  2. R

    Member Soapbox Wakanavu contact?

    Trying to contact Wakanavu. I put in and paid for an order April 8th from New Zealand to Southeast Asia. It was put on 'HOLD' at DHL in NZ. I still haven't received it. They told me there was a payment issue and to contact the sender. I have used my email and sent from the Wakanavu Website...