1. BourbonMac

    Kava FAQ Why does kava just not really work sometimes? Also, can you develop tolerance to specific strains?

    I didn't think you could develop any tolerance at all, really. I mean I experienced what I thought was tolerance last winter with micronized when suddenly it stopped working, I'd taken 22g one night feeling very little, then 10g the next night and felt incredible, more like I'd done my 15g dose...
  2. T

    Strain, container/placement, or tolerance?

    (I posted this on Reddit and only got one response so I’m reposting here) I have been drinking kava for about two months, and I drink it 4-5 times a week. At first I used Borugo by KWK, I actually really liked this one because it made me extremely couch locked but still gave me some heady...
  3. A

    Kava Side Effects Which type of kava makes you feel more dehydrated?

    Iam just curious about people experiences with hydration based on type.