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  1. R

    Member Soapbox Wakanavu contact?

    Trying to contact Wakanavu. I put in and paid for an order April 8th from New Zealand to Southeast Asia. It was put on 'HOLD' at DHL in NZ. I still haven't received it. They told me there was a payment issue and to contact the sender. I have used my email and sent from the Wakanavu Website...
  2. Elmanaro

    We got that Boro

    We just added a bunch of new varieties to our inventory! Including the very popular and well-known Borogu and Melo Melo varieties! & we have more coming! Check us out at We also have traditional pandanus beach mats (PM me for discount rates $70 includes US shipping...
  3. Elmanaro

    El Manaro Instant Kava

    Hey Kava people! We're a new online vendor and just launched out online store. We sell instant kava and can ship worldwide at wholesale rates. Check us out at: We are based in Vanuatu and can supply most local varieties. Hopefully I can offer some discount codes to our...