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Micronized Kava Review 11 Year Waka


Kava Curious
This is one of the smoothest-tasting kavas I've had. The taste mostly disappeared into the juice and what was there was not too offensive. By the way, I find Dole Orange Strawberry Banana is a great juice for kava, as is the Trader Joe's equivalent. The effects came on slower for me than some other kavas. It wasn't until about 20 minutes that I really started to notice effects, and it was another 20 minutes until they peaked. In comparison, with many others I feel effects early and they peak around 25 minutes. I always consume kava on an empty stomach.

What's most interesting about 11 Year Waka... it's pretty strong but I find the heady effects are somewhat elusive. I have to focus on myself and how I feel to really notice them, and when I do that it's significant. If I'm up and around the house doing stuff, I can pretty much forget I've had kava because it doesn't interfere with regular function the way something like Nambawan can. But as soon as I sit down on the couch and settle back in it's like "Whoa, this stuff is pretty strong." I feel a mild euphoria, very mentally relaxed but not sedated. Not much of a "body buzz." When it's time for bed I have no trouble falling asleep, although I sometimes feel extra groggy in the morning.

Overall, it's nice and I can see how it may be just what some people are looking for. For example if I got an unexpected call or visitor, I wouldn't worry about feeling too krunked to interact the way I definitely would with Nambawan. In milder doses I can see how it would nicely enhance social experiences.

But these things aren't relevant to me, I only consume kava later in the evening when the day is done. So I'm usually looking for something a little more forthcoming. Not necessarily super strong, but something that doesn't peek around the corner like this one. But 11 Year Waka is certainly a very high quality kava and I recommend any kavanauts give it a try.