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Kava Powdered Review 12 Year Old Fijian Laterals - Superfine Grind

Capitán Bastos


I received this this morning and just had to make up a bowl.

I'm Live-reviewing this. Not that you'll notice a difference. Lol.
My wife and my friend also had a "shell" for control. I'm Getting a little scientific.

I was so happy to see this in my mailbox this morning! @Paradise Kava has always delivered quality products in my experience and this is in no way an exception to that rule. First thing first, aroma. That should be in the form btw.
Earth, pepper, almond milk. Smells potent, reminds me of the first time I smelled Vanuatu Blend No 7.

Visual impression, super fine grind is no lie. Looks almost finer than instant. Grey with a slight touch of green color.
After prep, the kava looks like dark chocolate milk, no wonder seeing as there is almost nothing left in the nylons.
Double layered nylons and the grind is so fine it goes through. After stirring it looks like above. You can see how frothy it gets after just a couple of stirs.

Taste, slight bitterness, but mostly pepper and almonds, milky. Instantly numbing to the mouth. Tingling on the tongue, a little sour like licking a battery as a child.

Effects, 10 minutes in I get the heady effects. Creeping up on me. This is definitely a strong kava. Slowly building up, but never getting unpleasant. My friend only had kava a couple of times, two pieces of kava candy yesterday and that was the first kava in two or three months. He felt this one almost instantly. No RT, then again, he's Iranian.

35 minutes in, I just had half a shell, just to give my opinion on taste to you guys. *heart*
Didn't really feel a need for it though. This is a very nice kava. I don't feel sleepy, now it's more of a mellow, super muscle relaxed, but the heady effects are there also. Bliss, a word rarely uttered by yours truly, is applied. We were exchanging gifts and I felt a little emotional. Some of you might know about my neck/back problems. Gone. Kava is the best muscle relaxant I ever had. This is the best of the kavas I've tried in that respect. Also it's impossible for me to achieve double vision now and my itchy eyelids/scalp itches no more. Maybe I'm blessed with the opposite of allergy to kava? Lol. That sentence made me chuckle a little. My friend, the Iranian, says he really feels the heady effects after the second shell. My wife feels great and says she doesn't need another shell.

50 minutes in, sooooooo relaaaaaaaaxed. Nausea only lasts the first 10-15 minutes after drinking.
Had the rest of my second shell, just for the sake of this review. So far, this is, by far, the best kava I've ever had.
I remember Adil talking about drinking a 25 year old kava. This goes down very smooth, only quirk is those sediments.
Oh! Almost forgot, some of the kava got stuck in the funnel during prep. My wife and I rubbed our finger on it and putit on our tongue. Numbing, tingling. I'm pretty sure this could be used for toothaches.

1hr in, wife is cleaning and smiling. A happy whirlwind of song and dance cleaning the house. I'm super focused. Got four children running around the house, doesn't faze me. I still feel very attentive when they approach me. The Iranian has melted on the couch, stretching and smiling. This guy is normally like the energizer bunny. Wife says she doesn't want another, because she wants to enjoy herself, not fall asleep.

1,5 hrs, smelling the kava on my hands. Smells good. Stretching feels amazing! About to have breakfast, so I guess. it's time for my third shell. Not really in the need, but I've been told I need to finish this review by breakfast. In terms of total duration, I'll update that as soon as I know. Impressions so far, leads me to believe this is a long lasting kava. Slowly builds up and stays on that level for now. I really don't want this to disappear from the market. I wish I had some other kava, this one is special and I want to treat it as such.

2hrs later had some of this:

The mushrooms are spiced with powdered Carolina reaper. The drink is pineApple juice. Hot damn! Pupils dilated to the point I can feel it! Felt a little dizzy at first. The Iranian says he feels it too, only not the dilated pupils. Wide awake, couch is sooooo good though. We're planning a walk, talking about previous hiking experiences and conversation runs silky smooth. Again, this is awesome stuff. Effects are at the same level as when they peaked. The farts, they have no smell and they make us smile and giggle a little.
After the walk we want to watch a movie with the kids.
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Capitán Bastos

Licking a battery as a kid? You actually did that? :LOL:

Sounds good. That almond flavor sounds like an interesting twist.
Not car batteries lol, the small ones. I guess I'm as shocked to find out you apparently didn't lol.
I cook a lot. I thought flavor would be an issue with kava. Hell to the no! I think a developed palate actually enhances the experience.
Especially the aromas. For me at least.


Kava Enthusiast
So glad someone finally reviewed this kava....based on this review I am now even more anxious to receive my waka! Placed my order on the 6th so I'm hoping it will be in my mailbox tonight. Gotta bake cookies with the 2 year old so it would make my night to have a shell or two.