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Kava Micronized Review 12 year old micronized

Marlon D

I liked it. Ordered a half pound and went through it quicker than any kava I've ever bought. (Been at it for years now). Slow in shipping which they apologized for. (Also said they'd send something extra for my troubles. Candy maybe??? Never came). The kava was good. Better than their other stuff in my opinion.

Marlon D

Oh... Maybe it wasn't micronized. Oops. I should pay better attention. Their site is closed for the holidays still so...


Avg. Dosage: 8 Tbsp. (58g)
Review Maestro
It wasn't marketed as micro, but it might be the finest kava powder I've ever consumed. I think the site suggested straining still but also said it could be consumed whole if you know what you're doing. It would definitely pass through my strainers entirely though. I wish I had a barrel full of this stuff...or at least a belly full.