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Kava Fact of the Day 14-16 Minutes for Kava extract gel cap to dissolve.


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Quick Kava Fact: The time it takes for a capsule to dissolve in your stomach.

Hi kava lovers, just a quick fact today. I’m starting to see light at the end of my work tunnel.

In 2005 a study was performed to assess the effects of various herbal products on the CYP enzymes. Along with this study they sought to find out how long kava capsules take to dissolve in the body.

The researchers found hard gel caps took about 14 minutes give or take 2.5 minutes to completely disintegrate. So, if you’re shoveling kava pills down your gullet, and wondering why they take so long to work, this may be your culprit. This is yet another reason to go with traditional powdered kava. I’ve timed how long it takes before I start to feel the familiar kava effects, and for me it’s around 4 minutes with traditional powder.

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