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The Kaptain (40g)
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I felt it was time to re-review Paradise Kava's golden standard for an extract. I purchased their largest size of the coconut/vanilla extract, and it's been sitting in the fridge for quite a while, not getting any love.

Last night I decided I'd give it a go. I took 1/3-1/2 a tablespoon (the larger of the spoons) and let it sit under my tongue for a minute. Unfortunately I'm one of the lucky ones that the sublingual route has very little to no effect on. I let it sit there for a few minutes...I guess just to wish it would act on me instantly, and then swished a little water in my mouth and swallowed the hunk of vanilla extract. It's slow to start, then I noticed how carefree I was, and how the couch just felt...RIGHT. I felt myself sinking further and further into it's cushions This may not make sense to many, but PKs extracts are powerful, yet subtle. It's a powerfully uplifting, with very little, and in my opinion, most agreeable amount of sedation. I can tell that Paradise Kava's extracts are nearly a perfect concentrated copy of their beloved fresh frozen line. The effect profile is spot on with a fresh Hawaiian kava. Uplifting and energizing, but also calming. I only find this paradox in Hawaiian kavas and to me it's a sign of an excellent kava. Paradise extract isn't for everyone, as I've read many reports where people aren't getting any kind of appreciable effect at all. All I can tell you is that when you feel it (as in you know what to look for by deeply listening to the kava) you'll know it and you can never "un-know" it. I'll admit it took many many sessions of extract before I knew what was going on, almost feeling burned in the process.

My suggestion on whether or not to purchase:
If you're new to kava I would definitely suggest you try a small sample size, but hold off buying bulk until you've sampled your way through the heavier varieties of kava available. It won't do you or Paradise Kava any justice to start eating extract without knowing what kind of effects to look for. You'll spend a lot of money, and a lot of time wondering why it has so many good reviews, but does so relatively little.

This extract comes closest to what I could refer to as a kava with strong anti-depressant qualities. Of course not in the way an actual anti-depressant works, but just by it's qualities.

In conclusion I would say it feels like this:
You're on a beach somewhere, you're watching the sunset and it's JUST the right temperature with that slight breeze. Maybe a bit tired, but everything is perfect.

If I had to describe this product with one word it would be: Happy.
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Ah yes...PK extract. Fond memories.

And that prep details description was hilarious. I saw each step in my head narrated by Morgan Freeman's voice.:hilarious:


Ahh yes PKs glob of golden gooey godly goodness, love to use it before a massage. But what i really wanna say great review Kapm and Vekta Iam gonna go ahead and leg hugg u both cuz y'all is awesome funny :woot:..... Sorry to steal ur patent leg hugg Vekta;)

On floor one arm around each of your legs :shameshame:.....


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Hey, just curious op, you ever "prep" your mouth for sublingual absorption? I don't get anything out of sublingual unless I prep my mouth first.


The Kaptain (40g)
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Hey, just curious op, you ever "prep" your mouth for sublingual absorption? I don't get anything out of sublingual unless I prep my mouth first.
I'm in the same boat, I get very very little results with sublingual ROA. I haven't tried prepping, seeing as swallowing the extract seems to work well for me.


Have you gotten the 2014 extracts yet? If so, how does it compare to the one in this review?
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