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Kava Extract Review 2013 Kava Extract


Patently irritable
Took a jar along when we went fishing yesterday. Was already in a relaxed state of mind and the extract just helped to complete the good mood.
I was trying out the Rose/Saffron version--it numbs your mouth but tastes pretty good. And on a side note--I'd be happy if I could make my breath smell this way all the time.
Definitely a worthwhile purchase--the portability was perfect for the circumstance.


Kava Enthusiast
Great review! :)
Is this the first kava extract you have tried? How were the effects? You marked "heady" which is what I got from it..
As well as most people do, it seems to bring an almost slight energetic/heady/ slight relaxation for me personally...
I still got to try that chocolate mint sometime! It may be the only way to get my girlfriend to give kava a chance lol