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Kava Extract Review 2013 Kava Extract


The Kaptain (40g)
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I've always been a little partial to Paradise Kava and their extracts. There's just something about the way Adil crafts a product to meet the needs of his customers in such a unique way. The extract (coconut & vanilla) I've been dipping into lately for morning anxiety relief has really been hitting the spot. Usually I experience more anxiety in the morning, and this extract has totally been a lifesaver. Granted, I may use a bit more than what's suggested. Usually at least 1/2 or more of a tablespoon (hardcore right?) and it doesn't push me down or make me tired. I find that I have some really good stretches after a big spoonful. Anyways, remember that kava is an extremely subjective experience. Some days I drink kava and barely make it to the bed, other days I drink kava and barely feel a thing. It's just the way of the root, and I've learned to live with it. That being said, PK's extracts have always been very predictable for me. I know that *this* much = *this* type of feeling. It's great. If you're a discerning kavasseur and you haven't tried this extract, get some! I would bet that if you're drinking heady Hawaiian kava already, then you'll absolutely love the extract. Adil's extracts are absolutely top notch.