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Powdered Kava Review 448g Yoqona


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Bula Kava Canada Yoqona Kava
I received my bag since about a month. It was in a time where I've received a few very famous kava so time for comparison was setttled.

The smell was a nice in between predominante Fiji waka + a touch of vanuatu (Nambawan-ish).

I did a trad prep with a fijian strainer, using 750ml of a bit of above room temperature and 5 heaped table spoons. Kneading and squizing for 10 min.

Taste was amazing (I like Nabawan taste even tho sometime it can be a bit too much). I'm pretty sure there's somewaht a mix of waka and Lawena at some point, but it is not a disgrace, because the balance of this Kava is very specific.

It is very potent (yes, truely potent), mostly on the sedative side. If you want to drink a kava that makes you couch locked and ease you falling asleep quickly, this is the one for you.

All persons are different but I would not be surprised that the majority find this kava sedative.

My best appreciation of this kava is the unwinding effect. I reserve it straight at the end of lon working hours where my mind feel exhausted.
Ah, another note, some Kava tends to introduce some weird anxiety to me, not this one.

Down the line, this is a very particular kava imho. My goal here is not to with some flattery for the new vendor. I tell what I felt based on a large experience of kava from all around the world and I just find out that this one has a special character that I personaly enjoy.




Health Canada Approved
Kava Vendor
Thank you for your honest review. We much appreciate it. Our product has very minimal lawena due to health Canada standards. All waka will typically have about 10% lawena that is usually at the end of the roots of the waka.


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Both lawena and waka has their value. I'm very happy with the actual blend that you're selling (a very smooth waka taste and a powerfull chill down drive). Hopefully you'll be able to sustain that quality over the centuries! :)