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So, I am unfortunate to say after a long time of denying it, countless attempts to explain it, and exclusion attempts I determine that Kava (at least now) causes me a quite unheatlhy amount of diarrhea and really messes up my digestion. My beloved Kava does not seem to agree with my digestive system no matter what I do. I have tried everything I can think of. I run my Aluball-made kava through a 80 micron bag. No difference. Poop is either mud or mushy. Cessation of Kava resolves the problem fully in less then a week and I see improvements as quickly as 24 hours.

It always usually hits me around 20-24 hours after the start of my last session (ironically, when I'm starting a new one as well) and it's consistent enough that I cannot deny it anymore. I had a endoscopy and colonoscopy. Diverticulous and some inflamation in my stomach, but nothing else (5 days Kava cessation before). I really really like my Kava. Inject it in my veins if it bothers my stomach so much.

My concern is WHY. Usually diarrhea means inflammation so why is Kava causing this to me? I was told the thickness of the grind, but straining it does nothing. I have really fallen in love with Bula Kava House and their Nangol Noble and Melo Melo, but they are quite fine ground. In fact, I honestly find all the Kava I get is super ground now. I am seriously wondering if making if I go to a really traditionally pounded Kava it would help? i'm running outta options. I remember Borongoru from KWK was really thick at one point (RIP Mike) I think I have some leftover.

Any suggestions? Kava's to try? Methods to try? If not, I will have to severely limit my Kava intake.


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Hmmm..... could be a solution for the thread starter. (Trying real instant)

I have to say, I have to realize also, that Kava is inducing inflammation in my body and seems to come from the bowel basically. I use nutmilk bags, where you really have to press, so just the smallest particles go through the mesh. After that I let it sink in the cup, and have a tiny bottom with particles I don't drink. Anyway it got worse and worse at my place.

But I have a inflammation problem since years anyway, also before Kava. It is said Kava is anti inflammatory, not at my place sadly.

Two times now, after a while of kava, my knee swells super thick and hurts. And it always stops after taking kava for a while.
Also other sensations in other parts of the body.

I guess what I had (Kavaeurope/Kavasociety) was real instant. I don't know if those are fiber particles at the bottom of the cup, but after mixing it, minutes later you have a bottom full of Kava stuff also in the cup. Perhaps that's because it doesn't dissolve 100% and it are no tiny fiber particles.

I also realized that the grinds are very fine. Especially the kavaeurope kava, once the traditional grind of pacific elixir, 80% left a nylon strainer mesh, which is said to be fine already mesh size wise....

Yeah it is sad that my body reacts like that, but I have lots of issues health wise, autoimmune disorder... so for some it might help inflammation... my body seems to go nuts sadly.


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Squanch is a more traditional grind, I noticed I respond better to more coarse grinds but I just figured that's because my strainer or technique - I'm not sending the kava back through the cloth rinsed and doubled over for example, maybe try having coarse grind kava and even strain it a couple times and see if that makes a difference? Or could save kava for when you want to get a bellyache...I get a bit bloated from my kava and sometimes can't drink the roots when I want to due to that, it's tied into how hydrated I am and what I ate going into the session somewhat. I remember the BKH kava's being strong and effective due to their finer grind but with my kava strainer it just seemed like I was making myself a bowl of micronized sometimes. Bula!


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Try a 50 micron strainer and whichever medium you like(d).

Good to see you again!


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Same happens to me, not quite diarrhea but loose stool. was a little worried it wasn’t the kava. I’m going to cut back a bit for the summer and see how I do. I use 80 micron.