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Powdered Kava Review AAA Vanuatu


Kava Curious
{"Grade":9,"Potency":10,"Mind":6,"Body":8,"Anxiety":8,"Sedative":10,"Taste":"-5","Preparation":"Traditional prep 44 g","Duration":"2-3","SideEffects":"","Headline":"Heavy and Strong"}
I have been a big fan of this kava for a while. The last bag i got seemed a bit weak but maybe i just drank it too often, however I just opened my most recent bag of it and it reminded me instantly of why I love this kava and re-ordered it a few times. This stuff is very potent. I find it starts on the balanced heavy side of the spectrum and then, like most of my favorite kavas, has you melted into the couch drooling within an hour. If you like heavy Kava and want something that will transition you easily into a deep peaceful sleep, this is a top notch choice. It is definitely a bit bitter, which to me seems to be a good sign of a strong Vanu offering, and could be nice mixed with a lawena or Tongan for a more balanced taste/effect. That said, i usually drink it straight as I like my Kava strong and sleepy and this never dissapoints. BFK is really a great brand. I have only tried their AAA offerings, but all are great and for only offering 3, they have really nailed having a Heady, Balanced and Heavy offering. A lot of people mention the their prices and while it does not hurt that this kava is less expensive than other premiums, I really would not call it cheap. It is high quality stuff and stands up to any other brand in my experience, the price is just a good bonus.


Hayward, CA
Kava Vendor
Thank you for your review, we're glad you like it!

As far as the pricing goes, all of our kava powders are actually priced $5-$10 lower than what it should be. They are pretty much "on sale" year round. ::tipshat::