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Aluball vs trad prep


Kava Curious
do you guys really find the aluball effective?

I use the aluballs for two washes, but I’ll end up using a lot more kava to get any effects, vs when I make say 4 tbs trad prep, it’ll hit me a lot stronger.

I never overfill the aluball. Am I supposed to do more washes with the aluball? I don’t always want to spend the time to do the trad prep, but I might start doing it ahead of time. I feel like I’m wasting kava when I use the aluball.


Position 5 Hard Support
Some medium grind kavas work better for the Aluball than others. I hear almost everyone does a 2nd wash with the Aluball shaker and they're frequently doing two Aluballs or more. Your grog is generally weaker in the Aluball shaker but it's very convenient and with how fast you can get a decent grog a lot of people (myself included) use it. It's also convenient for making less grog in case you don't want to have that much sitting around. Traditional prep is a luxury for many but you do get stronger drink from it which is why many will say to try it at least once, especially to those just getting into kava who are looking at the more convenient ways to imbibe.

I personally find there are merits for each prep method.