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Powdered Kava Review Ambae's Kava


I open the package and first thing I notice is that they shipped the kava to me in a brick and the package does not have a ziploc zipper, so I have to open it with scissors. I break the brick up with a fork and make a grog with my trusty aluball (which has lasted me exactly a year now, happy birthday!). After 4 minutes I have a medium brown, thick, pungent liquid that screams of getting super rooted. I have had several experiences with this kava that range from strong to uncomfortably intense.

The strongest experience I have had with this kava was after a long shift at my restaurant job. I had not been eating since 4:00 pm and it was not 11:00, all I had consumed since was some kratom. The grog is thick and has an intense vanuatuan flavor that stings my mouth more than any kava I've had before. It hits immediately with a feeling of relaxation that peaks after 5 minutes and I am unable to move anything but my eyes. When I look at the lights in my room subtle patterns dance around it. This is the first "psychedelic" experience I have had with kava. It was almost uncomfortably intense and gave me some anxiety, but I could barely stay awake after 30 minutes.

Right now my reverse tolerance is at a low point but I am still pretty rooted. I haven't eaten since 6 and I drank it at 9:45. My head doesn't feel particularly "swirly" but my entire body feels like its buzzing and I feel intensely euphoric. Waves of pleasure and excitement radiate out from the center of my chest and I feel increadibly optimistic. I would say that the euphoria is more intense than kratom but not as intense as MDMA, maybe a bit less euphoric than a moderate dose of oxycodone. I'm starting to feel a bit tired now, and have used the bathroom twice in the last 10 minutes. Overall a surprisingly intense experience given I have not been drinking kava as much lately.

Taste: 4/5

Headiness: 4/5

Heaviness: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

Overall a great kava


Kava Enthusiast
A restaurant job, nice! Me too. I wash in the kitchen. Aluball comfortably holds two tablespoons or 14grams - even the strongest kava's I'm surprised if one aluball was sufficient, I usually like three aluballs if I'm going that route, and for each round I do three washes, each with much less water. So for example,

15grams fresh dry root and 400ml water. drink that.
Same roots with 250ml water and drink
Same roots with 150ml water and drink.
Refill with fresh root and begin again.

I also drink water with this, overall more than a little bit of liquid.