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Any 'healing crystal' users out there?


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If you don't...I'm going to bite you in the face...
...not really...(smiley: grin)
But I had to try something. *poke nudge poke* goooooooo! *shakes you*


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So the trials have begun. I first tried to meditate without the crystals to see if there was a change in the EMF. There wasn't. I the. Tried with an amethyst crystals and still no change! But, the place where I was doing this was around 100 degrees so a proper meditative state was not reached. The environment was electricity free to ensure no false readings. I will continue to test however I plan on doing it in a more relaxing and cool environment like in the woods or in a meadow.

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Three things have kept me from posting recently.

One is studying for the Cisco Certified Entry Level Network Technician test. I did pass it. The test was fairly tame compared to the grueling preparation, but that's what grueling preparation is for.

One is a death in the family. Fortunately, not mine.

And the other is Ingress, which is a game that deals with energy fields and exotic matter. It is currently in closed beta, but if you have an Android smartphone, you can request an invitation at www.ingress.com.

I mention this here because of the overlap in my own interests between the subject of resonances of healing crystals and vital energies and the themes of the Ingress game.