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Anybody tried Tikarams?


Kava Enthusiast
One of the amazon kavas called Tikarams, it seems like a great deal. Even if its weak but noble it would be a good mixer with a stronger kava. They offer two kinds, Vanatau and Fiji Waka.

If youve tried it, let me know how it is and which of the 2 strains youve had.


Kava Lover
Hey there. I've tried both. They're ok. They will do the job, but not much euphoria. The Vanuatu one is sooooooo extremely skunky and in my opinion, the skunk doesn't match up the with the effects. You'd think the skunkier, the harder it is, but that is only sometimes true.

This stuff is noble and safe, just not very good. If you need a cheapie strong kava get the Mood and Mind off of amazon. Their batches vary, but what they have right now is fresh and heavy and has good euphoria levels. Very good for sleep.


Kava Enthusiast
I ordered Fiji, perhaps I'll be able to taste that, too. I often use almond milk for the 2nd wash but I also taste it as is (first wash with room temperature or tepid rather than hot water).