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Anyone bought kava from port villa airport dutyfree?


This is my first post and have just started getting into kava in the last month. I had 2 pound of Vanuatu 3 from kava by Rex delivered today and so far have enjoyed it.

So my reason for posting is that although I liked the wacked out body feel of the van3, I'm not liking it as much as the first ever kava I tried. Bloody stupid me chucked the packaging away for this one and can't remember the name of it, all I know is that I bought it from the duty free at port Vila international airport vanuatu and it was the only variety they sold.

I'm hoping someone will know the brand and where I can get some more. I found it made me feel very chatty, relaxed and euphoric. The van3 is fun, but I want my brain to feel more relaxed and loved-up.

Any suggestions for other varieties would be ace too.

Thanks v much for all the info on his site, I have learnt heaps already.


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Hmm...Port Vila? The closest thing I can think of is Borogu Kava. There are varieties that you won't find for sale outside of Vanuatu though so it might have been one of those. Many of the vendors online sell Borogu. It's a pretty famous variety regardless of what brand sticker is on it.

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Borogu is to kava what Cavendish is to bananas. If you're PLU is 4011, it's a Cavendish banana.

Can you describe the actual beverage in full sensory detail? Was it darker or lighter than Yoohoo? Did it smell like grass? How bitter was it?
It was much darker and muddier than the van3. The grind was nowhere near as fine or consistent in texture and although it tasted a lot more bitter the flavour didnt linger like the van3 and made my mouth significantly more numb. I would described the smell as earthy - not sure about grassy - my kava education is at the fetus stage and I obviously have much to learn (yay!)

Sorry to be so lame, but what does "PLU 4011" refer to?


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PLU 4011 is the the Price Look Up code for the Standard Cavendish Banana.

The Cavendish Banana is the one you commonly see being sold in most grocery stores and the Banana variety a lot of people will think of when you say "Banana".

Banana= Cavendish

Borogu= Kava

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As of the time I last look, the user here named "Ed" has the Cavendish cultivar of banana as his userpic, which causes a strange banana craving every time I see it. Banana after kava is so much better than any other fruit.

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It hit me today sometimes kava has a smell that to me seems similar to Lamium purpureum, common name purple or red dead nettle, it is in the mint family and a very common weed in lawns and sometimes you can smell it when grass has been cut, it's got a peppery, acrid smell. I was driving by a meadow that had recently been mown and got a strong whiff of it, first I thought, hey, that smells like kava, second I thought, hey I know what that plant is, but I had to look up the name of it. To confirm, I found some in my yard and broke off a stem, and that is definitely it. I did some Googling and discovered that raw foodies eat it in salads and smoothies, and it is edible, but seems kind of bitter to me.