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Arginine supplementation for non-topical treatment of kava dermopathy


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I would like to complement my original post with this.

It's been known for a long time that nicotine / smoking slows down wound healing. And quite dramatically. To the extent that surgeons ask not to smoke one month after operation to avoid healing complications. It is that serious. I am not talking here about a little bit less brighter skin if you smoke.


The mechanism of action is not exactly known, but reduced blood flow is often blamed. I would focus more on the fact that it is not known, rather to arrive at a convenient conclusion that it's the blood flow that causes it. Smoking causes narrowing of the vessels, less blood supply to the skin, slower healing. Sounds to simplistic. There might be more to it in a similar way why we still don't to this day why kava causes dermopathy.

An example, they also blamed smoke toxins, including CO, as possible reasons and came up with elaborate theories (link above), but it turns out vaping slows down would healing also. Other nicotine products, like pouched, probably do the same thing.

For this reason, I am assuming that we do not know why this happens, but it is a fact that this happens. The implication is that the 1-month cycle for skin repair I talked about in the original post does not hold anymore. If you're smoking, skin repair can take much longer, but other than that the rationale in the original post I think still holds. Just make adjustments to smoking (I would assume skin healing and nicotine are dose dependent) or the length or the kava-free period to allow your skin to rest in addition to NO supplementation at good doses (that do not cause side effects).

Just wanted to add this. I am not a smoker so missed that point.