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Powdered Kava Review Beqa's Sanctuary 16 Oz


Kava Curious
First off. Aloha forum. Been lurking for a coon's age thought id start off with a review.

Ive been in the 7th circle of hell recently due to personal problems and then add whats been going on recently in the news local and foreign, oi vey. Ive been desperate and overindulging in kavas that dont mix well with me. Seemed to be seriously exascerbating my anxiety, insomnia, and my eyes have been an absolute mess. I did alot of research lately on here and wanted to thank everyone for their reviews and especially for being so kind to each other, very friendly forum. Its great. Keep up the good work guys.

So im starting to think kavain was rubbing me the wrong way. I have ptsd and a history of head trauma, perhaps some schizophrenia havent been diagnosed for that yet.. I seem to get paradoxical affects with alot of medicines.Well Beqa's Sanctuary seems to be the ticket.

I like to put medium grind kavas in a coffee grinder a few pulses then sift it. Just add water and neck it. Started with 2 tsp. And i agree this one is a creeper.

I noticed a very slight , clean euphoria reminds me a bit of kumakua. At first i was a bit disappointed was hoping itd have more balanced affect. After 2 more doses i realized my mid afternoon anxiety wasnt there. Ahhhhhh finally. Im usually very depressed and anxious until the sun starts its descent this time of year i guess about 6pm i start feeling so much better. This strain is very medicinal and people looking for a buzz may be disappointed.

The taste is very agreeable, no nausea. None of that dirt with slight incense flavor, a very agreeable taste with mild numbing affect.

I noticed after about 4 hrs i started to feel a very content sedation but nothing heavy i could still cook dinner and other chores no problem but i felt like if i laid down i would have taken a nice nap.

This is one of the more medicinal kavas ive had. To finally get some respite from my tyrannical brain was such a treat. Ahhhh. I just kept ahhhhing. Beautiful stuff.

Hey Mr. Deleted User01. Through my lengthy lurkage i do believe Beqa's Sanctuary would be right up your alley for the afternoon slump at work. This stuff would turn Excel into a game of connect four jk nothing can do that ;) . Seer though, i think you'd really like this one.

To sum up this strain i would say its like a valium without dulling the faculties. A brightener and a balm if you will.;)

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Rooted @ 40g
Excellent review! Welcome to KF :)

I get the same Valium like benefits with headier kavas. Fijians like this one or a Tongan.