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Instant Kava Review Berry Blend Instant


Kava Padawan
Like the instant Vanuatu mix, this is a great product for what it is. Affordable and easy to make!

Taste has a good berry smell/flavor, however, the kava tang, if you will, kinda overpowers it. Not that that's a bad thing that means it's good potent kava! Took one sip, added a little orange juice and a little better flavored coconut water to the mix and it tasted great after that. This is also great to get a regular kava session started off with. Started my evening with this then moved on to some Fu'u. Had a good night what else do you need from your kava?

Note: I'm writing this review after trying the KK Chocolate mix and wonder if the way I prepped it wasn't optimal. I used a nutriblender tonight and am getting much more from this sample. Following up soon with the Chocolate review. Really impressed and liking this product line so far great job Kava King!