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Powdered Kava Review Best Fiji kava waka



this kava is actually good. Did blend and strain with a metal Strainer. 3 tablespoons made into 3 shots. Starts off generic feeling and kinda weak. Feels like kava junior in the first shell. Perfectly balanced 50-50. Second shell you get a taste of the kava zone and you get a more 3D feeling. It improves a lot in 2nd shell and up. This is not a blast you kava but it STILL satisfying. 3rd shell I'm on the edge of being krunk but not exactly. Still feels good thou. It has potential to be a good kava in high doses. It's a warm feeling and has its own unique euphoria unlike other kavas. Warm Calm peaceful relaxing clear not potent but still satisfying. Like right on the edge of krunk just one step away from krunk. Other say this kava is bad I wouldn't call it bad. They probably are comparing it to other kavas. Something is kinda missing but it's still a good kava. This is first time drinking Ina short while. I would imagine it would be better if I drank it few weeks ago when I had more kavalactones in my system. I'll be doing a round 2 of this kava Ina few min ties and see its potential. I'll let you know how it goes.

Krunkie McKrunkface

Kava Connoisseur
I've bought many pounds of this. It's fine for regular everyday grog. I find it better when I mix it with their lawena, 3:1 or 2:1, depending on mood. Improves the taste and balance but it's fine as is. Nothing super special, but fine to drink. Their Vanuatu is better, tho, IMO.

I do recommend that anyone interested in buying any only get it directly from their website. There are tons of other places, esp eBay, that sell it, usually more expensive and iffy freshness. Straight from the company is cheapest and best.