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Powdered Kava Review Bilo Vinaka Premium Fijian kava


Chillin @ 40g
{"Grade":6,"Potency":6,"Mind":6,"Body":6,"Anxiety":8,"Sedative":0,"Taste":"3","Preparation":"Approximately 50 grams with 500 ml of warm water, kneaded traditionally with a 75 micron strainer.","Duration":"2-3 hours","SideEffects":"none","Headline":"Decent Budget kava from Amazon"}
I picked this up on Amazon as is often the case for me lately to buy from them because it is extremely convenient for me, I usually get my kava the next day. I wish more vendors used them as a distribution channel. In any event, this is very decent kava considering I paid $49.99 for 1 kilo.

This is a surprisingly smooth Fijian, I believe it's from Savusavu and although it doesn't say, I am guessing it's mix of lateral roots and stumps. It is ground fine so probably good for those of you that use an Aluball. There is nothing magical about this kava but it does what it is supposed to do and I'd consider it a medium balanced kava.


Vinaka @Krunʞy for your purchase and review, its much appreciated. Our Kava is sourced from Savusavu and we've just landed a new batch in Amazon with the Savusavu labelling. ::shaka::