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Powdered Kava Review Bir Kar (Mixed)


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{"Grade":10,"Potency":8,"Mind":4,"Body":9,"Anxiety":10,"Sedative":3,"Taste":"0","Preparation":"","Duration":"","SideEffects":"","Headline":"Very Unique Effects"}
I have won the Bir Kar mixed along with a sample for the basal and lateral roots for the Xmas contest. This review is for the mixed.

In terms of effects, this is very unique and maybe difficult to describe. It seems to melt your muscles and your anxiety with very little sedation or headiness. It is almost as if the kavalactones go straight to your muscles. It is compared to the Hawaiin Papa Kea but I think this one has more anxiety relief if I remember correctly and more uniqueness in its effect profile.

Even without the headiness or sedation, it very pleasant and produces a tranquil euphoria.

I can't recall a kava that has this much anxiety relief with so little sedation. Although it may not be perceived as the most potent kava, it is potent in what it does. (I have tried the lateral roots version which is more potent).

A few times, I added a few tablespoons of the PSL traditional mix (mix of basal and lateral roots....double mix) to round it out to provide the usual Vanuatu kick and it was an excellent mix. I look forward to trying to mix this up more. I will start with this one and then add another. It would be interesting to end with this next time.

I have used this at night but this cultivar could be used any time of the day. It is probably great post-workout.

This kava has a strong but almost delightful piney taste. It has an extremely strong and very fresh odor.

I highly recommend this one. This is definitely a staple kava.
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