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Kava Blend Blackberry Lavender Tongan Kava: 12oz Triple Shell Pouches

Karuna Kava

Kava Entrepreneur Boise, ID
Kava Vendor
Blackberry Lavender Tongan Kava: 12oz Triple Shell Pouches

Our expertly brewed Triple Shell Blackberry Lavender Malo Tongan kava pouches will have you feeling right as rain; Organic Blackberry and Organic Lavender pedals provide a lovely backdrop for our expertly and thoughtfully hand-processed Malo Tongan kava root. Lightly sweetened with raw Idaho honey for improved drinkability, this kava is uplifting, blissful, and relaxing.

This treasured kava root from the Tongan Island of Eua has been meticulously sourced, and provides a delightfully cheerful, relaxed, and socially connected sensation that will make it a favorite for family gatherings, parties, or anytime kava drinking. If you are looking for a more mindful social beverage for day or night, our Blackberry Lavender Tongan will be the perfect match.

Brewers Notes: This is a stellar recipe for a daily drinking kava, and the flavor compliments the natural smoothness of this very drinkable, expertly grown and processed kava root. The lavender adds another calming layer to this grog, and the sharpness of the blackberry lends itself nicely to this easily packable, portable, and drinkable kava. Dedicated to our friend Jimmy at Kava Forums; this kava variety isn’t one of his favorites for no reason!

Ingredients: R/O Filtered Mountain Water, Malo Tongan Noble Kava Root, Organic Lavender Pedals, Raw Idaho Honey, Natural Blackberry Concentrate, Naturally Derived Citric Acid (For Freshness)

For most desirable flavor and effect, consume within 2 weeks and refrigerate upon delivery. Drink within 24 hours of opening.