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Powdered Kava Review Borogoru Traditional Grind Single Cultivar Kava

{"Grade":7,"Potency":8,"Mind":5,"Body":8,"Anxiety":6,"Sedative":7,"Taste":"-4","Preparation":"manually mixed for 10 minutes and then kneaded in a bag for 5 minutes. Water at 40° + a little almond milk.","Duration":"5","SideEffects":"gastric reflux (RGO)","Headline":""}
Hello everyone,

I ordered with a friend this traditional Borogoru. The kava took a long time to arrive in Europe (1 month).

I really liked the effect : relaxing while being a bit social, more sedative after 2 or 3 hours.

However, I didn't like the spicy side of this kava at all ! At the level of the tongue, but especially of the stomach. It heats me and stings me as if I had consumed too much pepper. I have to say that I am sensitive to chilli and pepper, but for example with the previous kava I tried which comes from Fiji (Vula), I didn't have that at all.

I tried several times (3), and the last one, I even filtered several times and with finer mails (it was a little better, but still unpleasant).

I don't know if it's because of the variety I can't stand (I was told that the Vanuatu varieties were much more pungent), the basal roots (there were none in the Vula: 100% waka) or because the powder is finer and too much passes through the filter (I let it rest and throw the sediment at the bottom of the cup though).

In any case, I had to give it to my friend... :-(

I'm probably a "Fiji guy" and not Vanuatu (my friend told me that TKS Borogoru was less peppery than other Vanuatu varieties he had tasted).

Has anyone experienced the same on this variety ?